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Posted By: Padzi Stability after Patch 5 - 18/07/21 04:06 PM
I don't know if I am the only experiencing this problem, but I decided to voice it. My game became unplayable after patch 5. My screen freezes every several minutes. Every one of those freezes lasts a couple of seconds. And it happens no matter I do. I experience it during - animations, dialogues, sneaking. Also, on two occasions the game froze permanently, and I had to close it both times. I wasn't even able to finish the prologue. This is my 4th play through because I did a play through on every patch and this is the first time the game doesn't want to cooperate.
Posted By: Kryldost Re: Stability after Patch 5 - 18/07/21 04:35 PM
I have the same problem, the game uses too much of my ressources and I freeze for short periods of time. Keep an eye on your computers ressource manager, see if it rises too high. If thats the case better close other programs that runs in the background. High ressource programs includes internet browser and steam. Tbh steam is really demanding ressource wise and I do not have it opened to play bg3. I use the Larian launcher directly.
Posted By: Padzi Re: Stability after Patch 5 - 18/07/21 04:57 PM
I dont have anything on except Steam. I never had any problems before this patch. But I will monitor my resources, thank you.
Posted By: Daonico Re: Stability after Patch 5 - 18/07/21 06:15 PM
I have had some perfomance issues since patch 5, I guess I could turn down some settings, but it was far better in patch 4 with the same settings.
Posted By: zeel Re: Stability after Patch 5 - 18/07/21 09:47 PM
Yeah I haven't managed to get far with this patch so far. I can do the tutorial on the ship just fine, but afterwards I've been experiencing crashes that seem to break my saves when reloading. It's pretty frustrating, since most of the bugs or crashes I've had before patch 5 didn't give me this much trouble.
Posted By: Padzi Re: Stability after Patch 5 - 19/07/21 04:14 PM
Ok, day two. Nothing changed. I can not play after patch 5. Today game frozen 5 TIMES(!) while last combat at Nautiloid.
That's it. I'm waiting for hotfix.
Posted By: Padzi Re: Stability after Patch 5 - 19/07/21 06:42 PM
Ok, I bit the bullet and decided to finish the prologue. I wasn't able to kill commander Zhalk because the game just hates this fight.

After finishing the prologue, the game started to work perfectly.
Conclusion: patch 5 broke the Nautiloid section in my case.
If it helps: I rescued Shadowheart from the pod.
Posted By: Kryldost Re: Stability after Patch 5 - 19/07/21 10:49 PM
There is a LOT of effects on the nautiloid, lots of fire, background scroll, dragons, many many many entities... It's my bane too, as I completist I need to loot the place... Or at the very least the void bulbs xD
Posted By: RutgerF Re: Stability after Patch 5 - 21/07/21 02:36 PM
Had several crashes during the Zhalk's fight, very shaky experience around that area. Had to switch to DirectX, was able to kill him, get the sword and run away from his cronies.

No stability or performance issues after the landing, although I need to switch back to Vulkan and see how it behaves.
Posted By: SirCellophane Re: Stability after Patch 5 - 22/07/21 07:14 PM
I've had the exact opposite happen. Since Patch 5, game performance and stability is at an all-time high on the Nautiloid, a buttery smooth experience in every sense. But after that? Massive pop-in issues on loading and the occasional random black screen or CTD.
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