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So I like that our characters can get dirty and down right bloody depending on how much damage they receive in battle however, my Tav is always dirty and bloodied even when I'm at full health and didn't receive any damage! Is there a way to turn the blooded setting off?
You have a dirty, dirty Tav...

Jokes aside, I was wondering about that, too... while I enjoy this new feature in principle, I think it's overdone, too. Needs to be toned down, or like this slider for "I need to say that I never wanted the easy path much less often".
I wish my girlfriend is half dirty as my Tav ...

I mean +1, it should be tuned down a little. laugh
It's fucking ridicluous. We look like chimneysweeps.
By the time I got to the Druid Grove my golden haired Gold Draconic sorcerer looked like she was half-Drow.

It's a great idea and looks good, it's just a tad overdone.

I'm loath to suggest a toggle but perhaps that is something that can be turned off in game options (or toned down so the characters look less sooty.)
My Tav really needs a bath too. I like the feature in theory, but it definitely needs to be toned down a lot.
But have you allready ben in Grimforge?
Dirt was not much good ... but sweating looks really good!

Also bloodsplash are great in my opinion ...
I would like to ask in advance for toggable option to "not bath during long rest" when Barbarian will be added to game laugh ... im even willing to accept suffering from some disease, but i want my Barbarian as much covered in blood as possible. laugh
I like the feature, it helps with "When do I camp/long rest problem". Adds a feeling of time. Your Tav is really dirty? Go to Camp.Have a Long Rest. But Yes, your Tav shouldn't be all bruised up if your at full health and if a Long Rest isn't resetting your "Dirty" state that is also a bug.
+1 for toning it down or adding an On/Off toggle.
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