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I was experiencing a 502 error when trying to save on Stadia. There was no user-friendly message to explain the issue, but I believe I've tracked it down - I had too many saves. Due to crashes I was saving often and creating a new save each time, and I had roughly 80 saves(!).

I don't know if it's a number of saves limit, or a total filesize limit - I also presume this is technically a Stadia limit I'm hitting - but there's no indication in game for the player to understand and fix the issue (by deleting saves). There probably needs to be some sort of progress bar to indicate the amount of save file space remaining.
Posted By: JandK Re: Error 502 when trying to save on Stadia - 09/11/21 11:21 PM
Yeah, I ran into the save limit myself on Stadia. Now I just cycle through a handful of saves, overwriting each time. And with all the crashes lately, I have to save a lot.

One thing about deleting saves, it took me a while to even figure out how to delete a save on Stadia. It's not intuitive.
Yeah it could do with being a bit clearer, could also do with managing multiple saves in a better way - and probably grouping them by character. As some point they should get their UX guys to have a look.

Just another point, if anyone from Larian/the forum is reading this: I couldn't find any help for this issue based on the error given, "502" does not give any results (probably due to minimum characters in search terms), so for people experiencing this it's hard to find relevant information, this could have been posted 100 times for all I know - search told me zero.
From what I've read, it may be related to having cross-saves enabled and that the amount of requests going through to the destination server overloads it. Which correlates with a typical 502 bad gateway error. Turning off cross-saves may help, but not sure.

Originally Posted by Probablyinpants
Yeah it could do with being a bit clearer, could also do with managing multiple saves in a better way - and probably grouping them by character.

Other platforms has this. It's called 'Player Profiles' which I've always argued is a bit misleading terminology for what I believe an average gamer interprets it as. In times more than I can count on my hands, people have been mindblown when I've advised making a new player profile for each campaign they start; So one profile for their solo campaign, another profile for playing a separate coop campaign with a friend. Player profiles separates savefiles from eachother, convenient for different characters/campaigns. It also saves mod list and load order for when modding is supported. TL;DR - When starting a new game, make a new profile is how I recommend playing Larian games.

However, Stadia doesn't have player profiles. I don't know the reason, but I've expressed my opinions and requests on it a few times. I can only assume it's some limitation on Stadia's side in regards to file management from a user.
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