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Posted By: Nyanko Vulkan is blurry as hell - 12/11/21 09:45 AM
When I choose Vulkan to start the game, the textures on the highest quality are blurry like if I was on a much lower resolution. When I choose DX11 on the other end, it's very sharp. Why is Vulkan so blurry? Is there a setting to do outside of the game or something? My GPU is a RTX2070 super by the way.
Posted By: Probablyinpants Re: Vulkan is blurry as hell - 12/11/21 04:42 PM

Hopefully this may help, to quote the link:
Find your bg3.exe file -> properties -> Compatibility -> Change high DPI settings -> Override high DPI Scaling behaviour, performed by: "Application"
Posted By: Nyanko Re: Vulkan is blurry as hell - 12/11/21 05:52 PM
Thanks. I know what it does now. It has the same problem as a few games I have played in the past. It takes the native resolution based on windows scaling instead of just what my GPU is configurated to. As a result, having my windows scaling to 145%, it goes down to 720p resolution.

I will try your fix, it might work and will hopefully save me the pain of downscaling to 100% each time I want to play in Vulkan.
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