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Posted By: Mavenshade Stuck Camera - 27/11/21 04:03 AM
While playing with Vulkan, I semi-frequently run into the issue where the camera will refuse to move in any direction Have not experienced it while playing DirectX 11. A simple save and a re-load fixes the issue, but it is pretty frustrating when it suddenly freezes. It was happening outside near the Blighted Village (not sure if that has anything to do with it). Happened four times today, but since I've switched to using DirectX 11 and have not run into the issue yet.
Posted By: Probablyinpants Re: Stuck Camera - 27/11/21 09:29 AM
Same happens to me I believe. This isn't a fix but: have you tried double clicking on a portrait to recenter the camera? That will save you reloading.
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