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Posted By: ShaolinStoner Error 502 - failed to save. - 29/11/21 07:22 PM
I play on stadia. After reaching the underdark I can no longer save. I get an error 502. Loading earlier saves does not fix the problem. It is kind of game-breaking to not be able to save at all and that's where I am today. If I start a new game I can save and I can load those but I cannot do so in the game I've reached the underdark in even if I go to earlier saves it will not let me save again.
Posted By: Probablyinpants Re: Error 502 - failed to save. - 29/11/21 10:26 PM
You may have reached an undocumented save limit, you may need to delete your older saves.

I had this issue - it can lead to more complex issues if you keep hanging near the limit, which is likely 1gb or about 80 saves (saves are about 8-15mb)

I've had lots of conversations with both Stadia and Larian support staff who don't or can't acknowledge the limit, but ultimately stadia needs a finite number of save slots because there's definitely storage issues.
Posted By: JandK Re: Error 502 - failed to save. - 30/11/21 01:14 AM
Yeah, every now and then you have to go through and delete old saves. There's definitely a cap that causes problems, especially because there's no warning that you're hitting the cap.

That said, I just had an odd experience earlier where I lost the ability to save my game. No reason, just the save option was greyed out so I couldn't click on it. I made sure I had plenty of space left, which I did, and I even deleted as many old saves as possible. Still, I had the problem where I couldn't save anything, no matter how many times I reloaded.

It wasn't until I closed out of Stadia completely and came back later that things cleared up. I'm not sure what the problem was, but it's working again for me now.
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