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Posted By: mystakai Softlocked and Pacing Issue - 17/12/21 06:57 PM
On my recent playthrough I decided to play a fairly neutral wizard.

I did not talk to Zevlor at all as he left a bad first impression on my character.

I went straight to Nettie and found out that Halsin might be able to help me.

Something seemed off about Kagha so I discovered a secret letter telling her to meet in a swamp.

My character then decided to free Sazza to infiltrate the Goblin camp and speak with Aradin for more information about Halsin.

Given that Kagha said the ritual to close off the grove would be completed by sundown, I knew that I could not rest until I returned with Halsin.

I went to the Goblin Camp via the swamp and stole the letter from the Shadow Druids for Kagha.

I infiltrated the Goblin camp thanks to Sazza, however the goblins then mobilized a raiding party as a result.

I freed Halsin and he offered his assistance if I can help his grove.

I returned to the grove and initiated the goblin battle.

All of the defenders (including Zevlor) died but we won the fight.

Several issues show up at this point:

1) Zevlor's lieutenant never arrived to take his place as leader which seems to softlock Halsin in a state of telling me to rest.

2) For some reason I am unable to inform Halsin that Kagha is a shadow druid.

3) If Zevlor's lieutenant did arrive, I would still have to camp roughly 7 times to get through all of the cut scenes that I missed by RPing the urgency of the ritual's completion at the grove as the game presented it to me.
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