So I'm loving the ideas they have been having for Ranger in this game that really makes me want to play it more. But I do have some ideas since there are so many changes already so that I decided I'd throw some ideas here hope they see it and maybe even like it, like I hope you guys reading it do as well.

So the first idea is from how the clashing of two "spells" that's find familiar and summoning beast from the beast master. Right now you can only have one of the critters out at a time. makes sense since having two pets is strong and could be too good at lvl3, but it sucks that (especially if it's your first playthrough and don't know dnd like that) that you picked the find familiar thinking cool I can get cat then get the wolf two levels later and have both just to find out you cant. So an interesting idea! Since you unlock more beast choices as the game progresses how about getting some you could only get if you started with find familiar ( or get later from duel classing ) For example: ( I don't know cr ratings off the top of my head I'm just using examples ) since the familiars are cat, crab, crow, frog, etc, if you get find familiar THEN summon beast, with addition to the normal list (in this example you start with the wolf, bear, boar, spider.) you also get giant crab, a panther, vulture, and a big toad. Another idea is rangers always start with find familiar and if you go beast master it upgrades to summon beast. The last thing on find familiar I think ranger should get a small dog (beagle or whatever again not looking at cr) as a unique one like how warlock gets two unique ones but that's just my five cents on that.

The second one is a cool idea for a spell for ranger don't know how powerful/ broken the idea is but it sounds fun! I also don't think it exists, right now calling it beastshot (better idea for a name? wouldn't mind hearing it) its a spell (not sure if it should damage or not) short-range maybe unique to beastmaster.... or not if all rangers can get a familiar, but you can change its range if you use a bow (short normal or long) or a crossbow (one-handed light or heavy) and has that weapon's range for the spell instead. You fire it at a location or an enemy and your Animal companion (example bear) appears there and if near an enemy it attacks them with maybe advantage (the idea is your bear in this case dissolving and coming to you as a green magic energy bolt, then shot out at the enemy big poof where the shot lands and BOOM your bear shows up and attacks the enemy)
The spell itself does no damage but it can crit, normally the spell summons the animal companion in front of them, the crit makes the animal companion appear behind the enemy it was used on and attack with definitely advantage. If your animal companion was dead or not summoned yet you can decide what beast it comes out as and if your animal companion is already on the field you can change what they are on during the spell (like how you pick what stat to hex with hex on warlock) it cost a spell slot (or is a once a day class feature) but how strong a spell slot I'm not sure, upscaling the spell I guess more advantage not sure. Basically, the idea is shoot-summoning a bear into the back lines. think that's a cool and very unique thing rangers could do. and if you were a drake warden subclass it's wyvern-shot and you summon your drake that attacks instead and might do damage on impact.

I'd like to hear your guy's idea on it. I think both are cool ideas for ranger but maybe I don't realize how scary it is or isn't

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