Okay, I'm not entirely sure why this is an issue, but here goes:

I've made it to Grymforge, and in the interests of blowing up the rockfalls, I needed more smokepowder. Barrels of it, specifically.

So I used the gates to go back to the Goblin Camp and pick up some extra barrels of smokepowder that the Zhents didn't need anymore grin

However, in putting them in my inventory, I had to "Steal" them, because they flagged as red. Even though the previous owners were, shall we say, "no longer in residence".

I used the gates to go back to Grymforge, and suddenly every wandering guard is asking coming after me to ask questions. I intimidated, bribed, persuaded, and bribed again, but they kept after the party until they attacked, turning all the Duergar hostile. All because I was carrying "stolen" items that were NOT taken from them.

I think I'd call that a bug, folks. wink