I've seen a good deal of posts for things that, for me, I would consider cosmetic or secondary for Baldur's Gate 3. Not saying these suggestions aren't important, but perhaps, not as important as mechanics, balance, or stability. This is actually a suggestion for developers of any game which the players have a say in development of it, such as in this case.

Perhaps release a list of the items that are being worked on, but won't be released until the game itself is released. Cosmetic changes, cleaning up graphics, dialog, etc. I understand these items aren't top priority right now, but it would probably put a lot minds at ease, and might prevent a lot of postings for such items. Some suggestions would be:

1. More body types.
2. More voices.
3. In dialog with NPC's and their bodies freezing, but they are still talking. (kind of creepy, but, again, not a priority for EA)
4. Mouths not moving during dialog (telepathy? :P ).
5. Characters being in front of the camera during dialog with an NPC so you can't see them.

Basically give a list of things, which will be fixed or included with release, but won't be worked on until the higher priority things are worked out. I just think this will help many players feel a bit more comfortable, and may perhaps reduce some posts and frustration.