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Joined: Apr 2022
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Joined: Apr 2022
Location: Germany

For my merc cleric / bard dual class I need:
Level 5 / 6 in EA (important for following point)
Multiclassing (I want to test it right now!)
Custom party character creation at beginning with character build saves (former export / import function)
Waukeen as deity and for immersion reason (Guild Artisan background)

*Sing* Money, money, money, must be funny, in the rich man's world (ABBA) grin

Miscellaneous cool

If possible keep loading times minimized (I dunno how it is later in the game, for now it is ok.) - don't follow the example of Dragon Age Inquisition
Acid Arrows, Fire Arrows etc. should be renamed as "projectiles" because only bows are using arrows, slings bullets and crossbows bolts
Add Katana (Longsword Appearance / Martial Weapon)
Add Ninja-Tō (Shortsword Appearance / Martial Weapon) -->ō (in BG 1 & 2 it was mistakenly a Longsword...)
Add Variant Human

Add more Battle Master maneuvers or for the future Paladin class shield'n'sword playstyle support with something most of the existing rpgs are missing namely offensive shield skills
Offensive Shield skills: "Shield Bash" (existing Pushing Attack is predestined) / "Shield Burst" with knockdown, stunning and dmg effects in close range for example (shows distance range I did not find another video)

Defensive Shield Skills for Paladins or Defender Warriors: "Shield Stance" = "absorbs the first incoming magical and / or nonmagical projectile

That's it for now... I may add more suggestions later... Thank you for reading.

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Joined: Apr 2022
Joined: Apr 2022
I would really like to suggest to the developer that they find some way for everyone to transfer our custom made characters over to the full game release or once production reaches the Alpha or Beta phases. I really don't think it would require too much effort on their part to do so. As of now I have no way of remembering every specific choice I made while customizing my in-game character. I would really appreciate the ability to at least be able to use my current character in the full retail release of "Baldur's Gate 3" exactly the way I designed it before starting the actual game. This would be so much more convenient for everyone who has been playing the game with friends to be recognizable to each other and allow their parties to function and act in unison as they already were. I would also appreciate a response about this from the developer.

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