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I am posting this here rather than gameplay problems because I don't know if it was intended.

In the burning inn in Waukeen's Rest, in the room next to Benryn (the room with two chests, where you are warned about the door), when you put water on the floor it becomes electrified steam...

For no obvious reason...

Even though the inn is not wired for electricity...

And this is new, because I have tried this before and didn't get zapped.

No, I am not carrying lightning items (although I did find one).

So basically, it looks like someone decided it was too easy to save the chests from the fire and made sure you will get damaged by that room no matter what.

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Joined: Jun 2022
I don't think a lot of things about that area are intended. This update is very buggy and a lot of things are not working as they should or missing from the game. Maybe you have those Boots that electrify water and blood surfaces or maybe it's just a random bug. I don't know, but that area is a bit of a cancer.

  • The fire out-right refuses to be put out. It instantly reignites even if you drop a water barrel or cast rain
  • The fire spreads during a conversation
  • The passage way under the walkway to the Zhentarim Hideout is also obstructed by reigniting fire
  • Benryn sometimes refuses to move all together
  • Doors are inconsistently buggy
  • And a few other things

Personally I'd make it like this:

  • Fires spread at the beginning only, but can be put out afterwards
  • Putting out all fires gives an inspiration point
  • And naturally bugs fixed regarding that place

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