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The idea of this concept is simple, when you create your character the devs would allow you to pick a month and day. Various months would provide your character access to an ability in the form of a daily use. You can use this spell at 1 + [PC lvl /2]. These spells would not recover with short or long rests. The way these spells would work would be of the real life calendar or real life clock time. This concept is similar to how Dragon Age Inquisition did their war table.

The Months

For the names of the months i turned to BG1-2 Wiki. They named them the following:
--> Hammer, Alturiak, Ches, Tarsakh, Mirtul, Kythorn, Flamerule, Eleasias, Eleint, Marpenoth, Uktar, and Nightal

Given Spells/ Abilities

1) Control Water: ice runs in your veins, for you are born in the winter. [Combos with create water- deal 1d3 dmg to enemies around the water every round].

2) Long strider: your born on the coldest month of the year, your resolute and firm. None shall stand in your advances.

3) Goodberry: like the waking season, your will is stoic and unyielding. Nature is your will, and makes a boon of fruit on a daily basis.

4) Minor Haste: your mind is racing like a thundering storm, child of the wind and lightning. [+10 movement range]

5) Minor Regenerate: few are as calm and tranquil as you, this allows you to heal your wounds- as stress is a word you do not know. [heal 1d10 over 45 sec]

6) Speak with Plants: human friends are for the corrupt and the infirm. The plants and flowers where before, and shall be after. I chose wisely.

7) Animal Friendship: those born in the summer awaken with the new born animals. Your souls are one and the same, and you have no intention to hide it.

8) See invisibility: the sun burns away all lies and illusion, your born in its month and share in its eternal glory. None can hide, for your will burns like the sun.

9) True Strike: Born of strife, the uncontrollable screeching of territorial beasts tempered you through your womb. Your ferocity is that of a beast.

10) Identify: as the leaves fall, many begin to starve and famish. Your a survivor, and a scavenger. Your talent is rare, and you know it.

11) Power Word kill: Your born in the dusk, life falls and nature rots. Only those willing to fight will not die. Your will is your sword- move or fall.

12) Augury: concerns and doubt are born when a new year approaches, blessed by a spirit your an oracle, your visions are truth, and your words inspire or terrorize.

The above is a lot of homebrew obviously, and the spells are roughly based on the names of the months. There is a lot of room for a fun discussion on what abilities people would want to see or think would work better. Have fun. Lets see what we can come up with.

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I don't know about the specifics, but I do like the idea of having some kind of cool FR themed astrology to add to the flavor for sure.

One thing that these games are always missing is a randomizing element that actually feels fun no matter what you "roll." Like where it's just a boon with no malus, and the player doesn't have to feel like their missing out if they got handed one thing rather than an other. In D&D pretty much everything related to Character creation is now presented as a choice. Sure there's rolling for attribute/abilities but those are so mechanically important that it kinda derails the whole idea of leaving it up to chance. But maybe something like what Month/Day Charname was born could provide a randomizer that actually works with some charm, like where the player wouldn't mind having that be a roll? There are no rolls in char creation, which seems a little sad. Anyhow I like the descriptions and the general idea, without knowing about the power balance, it still seems more interesting than like "here's a random cantrip from you Race selection." I feel like there should be something where the player doesn't mind having their choice taken away in trade off for a random selection that adds to character variety without necessarily taking something away.

Another approach might be to itemize the concept, so like instead of an innate ability you get a birthstone and then that's sort of the magical element attached to a thing that is also visualized somehow, either on the avatar or the char sheet or within the inventory. Just to play it up even further that way.

It's also fun to think about things that aren't necessarily carved out already as totally FR Race/Religion specific, but rather something that might be somehow common to all. Like a Calendar or a Zodiac mythos based on the stars or whatever. You know like where the Elves and Dwarves might have different names for it, but the organization is always the same regardless. That sort of stuff.
Anyhow, just didn't want let a good idea drop!

Sometimes I feel like these boards would benefit from a section more for novel "ideas" or "invention" or something a bit like that, as opposed to just a Feedback catch all. Like a way to separate Suggestion from Feedback I guess? I don't know, these boards are all over the place really hehe. They should have made a new spot specific to BG3 with BG3 avatars and BG3 themes in the forums throughout. Right now it mirrors the DOS2 forums section pretty much, but with like 3 times as many topics lol. I guess it's quieter now than at the start to more time to mull over stuff, but yeah. Anyhow, fun idea, I think it could work.

Here's a quoted section from Realmshelp that might play into it...

Astrology has been practiced by the peoples of Toril since the beginning, with each race (and even individual societies, including the subterranean dwarves) having their own constellations and accompanying myths.

For humans of Faerûn, the art of astrology extends back to the ancient empire of Raurin. Although not the first humans to look up into the night skies and see images (that honor going to their primitive cave-dwelling ancestors), the Imaskari were the first to identify the visible planets and set down a codified set of constellations. It is believed that the Imaskari gained much of their astronomical knowledge from the elves of the South, as well as through contact with the eastern cultures of Kara-Tur. The Imaskari's contemporaries to the north, the Netherese, knew of spelljamming and of magics that allowed one to travel the stars, and it is believed that this more scientific orientation to the heavens prevented the rise of frivolous myth making (calling it 'science').

Following the fall of the Imaskari, observations of the heavens were carried on by their descendants, the priests of the Mulhorand empire. It is from the Mulhorandi that much of the rest of Faerûn gained their knowledge of the constellations (although each culture often re-named and re-attributed these heavenly bodies to fit their own needs).

In modern times, astrology has become widespread throughout Faerûn, although the field of observational astronomy has dwindled until, today, it is mostly practiced only by mages and adherents of Selûne. However, increasing contact with the societies of Zakhara and Maztica (both highly-developed in the field of astronomy) is re-kindling Faerûn's interest in the night sky.

Traditionally, the astrologer's job has been to help determine the most propitious times and places for such things as treaty signings, royal weddings, new business ventures, and so on. (Horary and electional astrology.) Also traditionally, astrologers study how the cycles of the planets coincide with the rise and fall of nations, cities and groups (mundane astrology). In a society where the average individual is expected to follow the dictates of family and station, the astrology of the individual focuses on how many children a woman might expect to bear or rear, or when an individual might expect his or her hard work to bring him success. Personality and personal compatibility are not major concerns in a society where marriages are arranged to preserve property and to cement treaties.

Until Robinton Handreth's development of theories and techniques on how a more in depth personal astrology could be used by the ordinary individual for his or her personal development, the ordinary individual had only standard Sun/Selûne combinations that any self-respecting mage could (and can) look up in widely available almanacs and give a quick interpretation. (See the Forgotten Realms Birthday Finder for standard combinations/interpretations.) Handreth's studies changed this, observing that while societies and nations evolve and change, it was individuals that initiated these changes and these changes, for good or ill, most often involved the balance between the individual's need for self-determination and the demands of the larger society for conformity and obedience. This being the case, the individual obviously deserved deeper study than that offered by simple almanac interpretations.

See The Almagest of Handreth.

The Planets of the Toril System
Of the eight planets that orbit Toril's sun, the inhabitants of Toril can only see four with the naked eye in the night skies. To most people, these four planets are all there is, although many mages, astronomers, and spelljammers know better. It is believed that the Netherese were the first to give names to these planets, and those names have since spread to the rest of Faerûn.

For humans and halflings, the four naked eye planets are associated with the four elements and with the four Elemental Gods (Akadi, Grumbar, Ishtishia, and Kossuth). Handreth extended the idea of these associations to include the other planets known to orbit Toril's sun.

(Selûne): Toril's moon governs navigation, prophecy, questers, and lycanthropes. By extension, Selûne also governs all things with a cyclic nature, such as women's issues, and emotions (whose extremes can lead to madness).

(Kossuth): reddish color, also associated with Garagos the Reaver (humans).
Anadia governs fire and destruction, and by association, war and violence.

(Akadi): bluish-white color.
Coliar governs air, flight, illusions and trickery. By extension, it also governs communication, thought and travel.

(Ishtishia): blue-green color.
Karpri governs storms, water, and destruction and by extension, the destruction of antiquated and unworkable forms and ideas.

(Grumbar): brownish color.
Chandos governs earth, metal, and time. By extension, it also governs discipline, limitation and fate.

(Sune): dull gray, but surrounded by a spectacular ring and three lesser bodies, visible only with magical aid.
Glyth governs beauty, love, and, passion, and by extension, relationships, aesthetics, and art.

(Chauntea): a tiny green sparkle, rarely seen and never seen without magical aid.
Garden governs protection, renewal, and all growing things. By extension, Garden also governs expansion, opportunity and prosperity.

(Mystra): a very large world very far away, a gleam of diamond white. Never seen without magical aid.
H'Catha governs knowledge and magic, and by extension, also governs the power of transformation, change, revolution and evolution.

A few notes on astrology in general:
Despite the confusion caused by terminology, any astrologer or mage knows that the planets do not 'govern' or command anything on Toril. Those mages familiar with spelljamming and Realmspace recognize that the planets, (excluding Selûne which does have observable physical effects on Toril's tides) are all too far away to cause any physically discernible changes on the surface of Toril. HOWEVER, the planets do reflect underlying cycles that are observed on Toril and it is this relationship that makes astrology work. Anadia does not 'cause' fire or war, but its cycle coincides with that of the observed cycles of fire and violence on Toril. Likewise, Selûne at its fullest does not cause lycanthropes to change, but the moon cycle coincides exactly with the natural cycle of the lycanthrope's condition.

Here's a cool image I just saw on the monkeydm site, when I did a search for D&D zodiac. I think it's trying for a different angle, but still seemed like something fun for flare.

[Linked Image from]

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