I can appreciate what Larian is trying to do here, and I like the idea of an added RP aspect to paladin oaths in the game. That being said, the current setup is pretty rough and needs a fair bit of work to make sense.

Who is this so called oath breaker paladin that immediately senses what you have done and appears on the spot? He can't just be a guy who comes to show you the way, if he isn't a god or something it doesn't make sense that he would immediately know what you did and teleport to you. If he himself is an oath breaker paladin, then why does handing him 2000 gold help you restore your oath? How could he lead you back to the righteous path if he himself abandoned it?

It needs to be made a little more clear why this person just shows up automatically when you break your oath, and there needs to be another paladin/god to help restore your oath if this guy is supposed to guide you in breaking it. If you want to reclaim your oath, there should be more to it than just paying a fee, and there should be two different guides that try to get you to either return to the righteous path or abandon your oath. You should either be made to seek them out if these guides are people, or they need to be divine in nature to sense what you are doing and respond; random people shouldn't just appear right after you do something.

If that would be more work than Larian wants to spend on this narrative, then I would suggest simply making oath breaker a selectable subclass in character creation, and just proceed as your character having settled all of this in the past. In its current form, the oath breaker narrative is immersion breaking. I think it could be a really cool RP component, but it will take some work to get it there.