math is not my strong point, so i figured i would ask someone (surely theres a natural born number-cruncher out there)..

i already take wisdom to max exp gained. would it give more exp to run around and kill all monsters and just do the main quest to get lower in the valley, kill everything down there and then come back and start doing all the quests (aside from kill quests since the exp on target mob would drop from being high level anyways) before getting into the island/tower? or does quest exp degrade for high level completion too?

my last play through i was about 4 levels above everything by the time i started using my dragon form and i think it ruined alot of exp i got (i started clearing the fjord before i got to the island). or did i get enough exp from killing higher level mobs early to make up for the loss?

so the question is does quest reward exp go down if you complete a low level quest (4) at say.. level 15?

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