In the battle tower before you fight laiken, there's a secret room on the floor before the top floor of the elevator. The room where you kill the undead that has the key to the soul contract chest. If you light both candles(don't know if there's an order but I did the one on the left then the right) a wall rises revealing a chamber with a chest. Sadly their doesn't seem to be anything other than that chest in the room. And the chest is a regular one that just gives formulas, ingredients, and potions. Strange that you get so little for such a well hidden room, I was sure their was gonna be a skill book or something when I saw that wall rise. Anyway I didn't see this mentioned anywhere else.

Edit: Found another secret room in Abandoned Crypt. There's a button on the wall in the hallway before the first large room, you should spot it on the east side of the hall. The room contains some breakables and 2 chests, one of them locked. In this same hall anyone been able to access that small area on the north side of the map. It looks like a small corridor but it could just be nothing.

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