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Joined: Aug 2008
Location: Oost-Vlaanderen
Joined: Aug 2008
Location: Oost-Vlaanderen
Either will do Kein. Mostly looking for what stats people considered important, which skills got them to the endgame and which items affected their stats most.

Joined: Apr 2010
Location: England
Joined: Apr 2010
Location: England
Difficulty: Easy (Played Xbox 360 version, I like my first run-through to be easy)
Level: 34


Hitpoints 1052
Mana 301
Experience 1323858

Vitality 72
Spirit 13
Strength 72
Dexterity 31
Intelligence 22

Weapon Damage 121-148
Melee Resistance 44.49%
Ranged Resistance 31.65%
Magic Resistance 33.79%

Conditioned Body 75%
Heightened Reflexes 47%
Indomitable Will 26%


Priest - Undead - 5/5 (+1 Bonus)
Priest - Summon Mastery - 5/5
Priest - Summon Demon - 10/10

Warrior - Jump Attack - 0/5 (+1 Bonus)
Warrior - Life Leech - 5/5
Warrior - Bleed - 5/5
Warrior - Regenerate - 11/13
Warrior - Thousand Strikes - 5/5

Ranger - Evade - 5/5 (+1 bonus)

Dragon Slayer - Single-Handed Weapon Expertise - 1/5
Dragon Slayer - Duel-Wielding Expertise - 1/5
Dragon Slayer - Sword & Shield Expertise - 10/10
Dragon Slayer - Two-Handed Weapon Exterise - 1/5
Dragon Slayer - Encumbrance - 1/5


(Legendary) Barbarian's Regular Battle Cuirass of Hope
Melee Armour Rating +2
Ranged Armour Rating +2
Magic Armour Rating +2
+3 Ranged Armour Rating
+2 Vitality
+4 Melee Armour Rating
+2 Indomitable Will
+4 Melee Damage
Minor Damage Charm +4
Life Line - Increases hitpoints by 24

(Magical) Priest's Brown Leather Belt of the Avenger
+2 Strength
+2 Spirit
+2 Ranged Armour Rating
Minor Ranged Resistance Charm +2
Retribution Aura - 22% chance of 38% damage

(Heroic) Paladin's Heavy Noble Leggings of Hope
Melee Armour Rating +2
Ranged Armour Rating +2
+33 Hitpoints
+3 Spirit
+10 Heightened Reflexes
Divine Heightened Reflexes +15
Life Line - Hitpoints +24

(Unique) Paladin's Heavy Noble Helmet of the Devote
Melee Armour Rating +4
Ranged Armour Rating +4
+44 Hitpoints
+5 Strength
+3 Dexterity
+4 Conditioned Body
+4 Ranged Armour Rating
+2 Indomitable Will
Minor Indomitable Will Charm +2
Lesser Strength Charm +1
Life Line - Increases Hitpoints +9
Retribution Aura - 22% chance of 38%
Magic Protection Magic armour rating +4

(Heroic) Paladin's Elite Battle Gauntlets of Vengeance
Melee Armour Rating +2
Ranged Armour Rating +1
Magic Armour Rating +1
+4 Dexterity
+3 Heightened Reflexes
+63 Hitpoints
+2 Magic Armour Rating
Minor Magic Resistance Charm +2 to Magic Armour Rating
Retribution Aura - 20% chance of 35% damage

(Magical) Monk's Delicate Jewelled Bracelet of Aleroth
+24 Hitpoints
+34 Mana
+3 Melee Armour Rating
Belssed Melee Resitance Charm +3
Healing Aura - 0.1 per second

Paladin's Scorpion Earrings of the Avenger
+3 Vitality
+42 Hitpoints
+2 Ranged Armour Rating
Minor Ranged Resistance Charm +2
Retribution Aura - 14% chance of 26 damage

Deadly Barnabus' Ring of Eternal Burning
+3 Strength
+2 Vitality
+1 Summon Undead
Spontaneous Combustion - 8% chance of 18dmg over 1sec
Empty Enchantment Slot

(Legendary) Flying Pewter Ridged Ring of Static Charge
+7 Vitality
+5 Magic Armour Rating
+3 Heightened Reflexes
+3 Conditioned Body
+1 Jump Attack
Major Condition Body Charm +3
Divine Vitality Charm +5
Static Charge Aura - 6% chance of 1 shock of 6 magic damage

Jackson's Amulet
+4 Vitality
+4 Spirit
+1 Evade


(Uncommon) Well-Crafted Light Noble Hammer
Melee Damage 51-63
Critical Chance 5%
+57 Hitpoints
Divine Vitality Charm +5

(Heroic) Paladin's Elite Battle Shield of the Guardian
Melee Armour Rating +4
Ranged Armour Rating +4
Magic Armour Rating +4
+31 Hitpoints
+4 Vitality
+5 Magic Armour Rating
+5 Dexterity
Divine Dexterity Charm +5
Melee Protection - Increases melee armour rating by 7

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Joined: Apr 2010
Joined: Apr 2010
I am sorely disappointed in the last fight in Ygern's memory. There is no room for counter strategy on the players part what-so-ever. I play many story based and strategy RPG's and this one makes a decent attempt at that only to bombard you at the end with an immpossible fight that reminds me why I can't fathom the enjoyment of shooter mentality. The only option to end this game is to show up with an outrageous amount of skill power in which it would require eons to accumalate. By the time you learn that the game ends with an overpowering fight scene that requires no thinking, you are locked in Ygern's memory with no possible retreat or ability to regroup unless you go to an earlier save. Then you get to refight your way back to an unrewarding mass attack. A terrible ending to an otherwise enjoyable game. I look forward to Flames Of Vengeance but like Ego Draconis I do not intend to finish the last scene if I am forced to enter a mindless battle that completely destroys the effort it took to get there.

Joined: Mar 2003
Location: Canada
Joined: Mar 2003
Location: Canada

There are strategies that help in the final battle (which is suppose to be challenging).

I need help with a battle (Spoilers) Ygerna's memory

help im stuck in hall of echoes

Another..Hall of Echoes question

The add-on apparently has a 'good' ending, so you don't have to worry about it destroying the effort it will take to get there.

Welcome to the forum. wave

Joined: Jan 2008
Joined: Jan 2008
Played on medium setting as a ranger who ended up wearing full ranger set from Razes fortress and Barnabas' ring. Finished level 35.

Hitpoints: 522

Vitality: 46
Spirit: 22
Strength: 32
Dexterity: 93
Intelligence: 19

Weapon Damage: 98-201 + (41-61)

Melee resistance: 17.97%
Ranged resistance: 60.44%
Magic resistance: 33.05%

Conditioned Body: 56%
Heightened Reflex: 75%
Indomitable Will: 39%

The total of the charms I added gave me (though I found a better dex one afterwards grr) :
+4 vit
+5 conditioned body
+5 heightened reflexes
+3 indomitable will
+2 melee armour rating

Skills as follows:
Summon undead: 13
Charm: 5
Blind: 4
Reflect: 3
Poison arrow: 10
Ranger strength: 5
Ranger surprise: 3
Explosive arrows: 12
Mindread: 3
Wisdom: 4
Lockpick: 5
Weapon expertises all at 1 because it's how they were - I didn't add.

My creature was pure mage.

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Joined: Jan 2008
Joined: Jan 2008
Originally Posted by Larian_QA
Thanks for all the great input. We really appreciate this.

If anyone feels like helping out even more for the new content by submitting their endgame savegames, that would also be a good fieldtest.

So, if you have finished the game in English on PC and still have your savegames of the ending of the game, please upload them somewhere. (for example : yousendit, rapidshare or dropbox)

And post the link here or send it to me in a PM.

Hi My savegame is here:

I found the end pretty challenging.

Joined: Apr 2010
Joined: Apr 2010
Hello everyone, I still remember many of you from Divine Divinity and Beyond Divinity. I'm the Grimm who put together the Beyond Divinity walkthrough quite a while back. I finished the game today and really enjoyed most of it. My only criticisms are that the moving platform problems are incredibly frustrating and boring, please don't do that again aargh also, many of the quests are too convoluted and vague. From posts that I read I expected the final battle to be very hard... it turned out to be incredibaly easy and I only required 1 health potion in the entire Hall Of Echoes, within about 5 seconds everyone but me and Zandalor was dead. The key for me was how I used the charm and enchantment slots on the equipment (go very heavy on "Retribution Aura" "Damage Aura" and "Healing Aura". So, on to the questions:

Character = Ranger

Difficulty = Easy (first time through)

Level = 35

Stats = Vitality 42
Spirit 18
Strength 44
Dexterity 56
Intelligence 41

Skills = ** Still had 4 unused skill pts. and 6 unused Dragon skill pts. at end of game
Summon Mastery 1
Blind 3
Summon Demon 5
Mana Efficiency 2
Destruction 1
Firewall 12
Regeneration 4 (+1 from equipment)
Reflect 7
Poison Arrow 3
Ranger Strength (+1 from equipment - never used)
Potion Efficiency 1
Ranger Stealth 2
Splitting arrow 2 (waste of skill points)
Evade 1
Explosive Arrow 12
Way of the Ranger 1 (never used)
Mindread 2
Wisdom 1 (+2 from equipment)
Lockpick 5
Encumbrance 4
All 5 weapon expertises 1
Dragon Firebreath 5 (Rarely used)
Dragon Burst 3 (+2 from equipment)
Dragon Fire Sphere 4 (+1 from equipment)
Dragon Summon Friend 5
Dragon Polymorph 0 (never found a use for it)
Dragon Dragon Shield 1 (never used it)
Dragon Dragon Spirit 5

Armor = ** I studied the armor sets and they are not very good. They beef up your
character's primary skills but leaves you vulnerable in the other disciplines.
Necklace = Hermit's Talisman of the North of Eternal Burning
Ring #1 = (Legendary) Necromancer's Plain Ring of Eternal Burning
Ring #2 = (Legendary) Infused Delicate Pewter Ring of the Warrior God
Belt = (Heroic) Conjurer's Oil-Tanned Leather Belt of Aleroth
Helm = (Unique) Paladin's Elite Battle Helmet of Vengeance
Cuirass = Paladin's Ulthring's Cuirass of the Guardian
Gauntlets = (Unique) Hero's Light Army Gauntlet of the Devote (From Hall of Echoes)
Leggings = (Legendary) Diviner's Heavy Rogue Leggings of Vengeance
Bangle = (Magical) Monk's Polished Bangle of Aleroth
Earings = (Heroic) Sorceror's Fuschia Droplet Earings of Eternal Burning
Dragon Armor = Full Crystal set except for the Plate Mail Cuirass

Weapons = Bow = Archmage's Bow of Tiberius of Doom (only weapon I used)

Thanks to Larian for another great game.

Joined: Apr 2010
Location: USA
Joined: Apr 2010
Location: USA
The key for me was how I used the charm and enchantment slots on the equipment (go very heavy on "Retribution Aura" "Damage Aura" and "Healing Aura".

That explains a lot why the second play-through for me was waaaay easier. Final battle was practically nothing, and didn't last long!

I usually pick "Retribution Aura" (as high as possible through out the game-- on end-game, I had a lot of 30% retribution!) for my enchantments-- do they stack? Seems to for me! Love retribution!

Retribution Aura is a definite keeper... and high level for summon demon & summon mastery, along w/ building a great creature. I'd say that's what made my mostly melee character smokin' at the end! smile

"I don't need to get a life. I'm a gamer, I have LOTS of lives!"
Joined: Apr 2010
Joined: Apr 2010

The Auras do seem to stack. For Retribution Aura I have 1 @ 35% and 3 @ 41%. For Dmg Aura I have 1 @ 30 Dmg, 2 @ 42 Dmg, 1 @ 48 Dmg, and 2 at 54 Dmg. For Heal Aura I have 2 @ 0.225 per sec.
In the Hall Of Echoes battles with Charon, Marius, Sassan, Amdusias, Liaken, Razakel, Lady Kara, Lord John, and Ba'al my health bar never even moved.

A 2nd time through will be to concentrate even more on those Auras. Just don't know if I can put up with the moving platforms again though... horsey

Joined: Apr 2010
Location: USA
Joined: Apr 2010
Location: USA

Good info. I hear you with the moving platforms. They are VERY annoying! But, they do sorta get easy w/ time... and difficulty level set to "easy"?

I think my next go-around I'll trying a really different character build, even though I tend towards warrior-types. I've tried playing 3 other games after finishing EG, one of them being giving Beyond Divinity another chance.... but really, I want to fly and breathe fire on everything. And where's the 'ice lung' that dragons are supposed to have and why wasn't it employed? I think that would help.

Anyway... maybe a ranger/mage build this time. We'll see.

Thanks for confirming the 'stacks'.

I so love this game. I watched "Avatar" the other day on hi-definition.... it was okay, but I actually liked playing Ego Draconis better than watching that movie!! Now, maybe Larian could get the rights to make a game from Avatar.... new mount & flight fighting.... oh the possibilities!

Anyway, totally going off topic.

Ya'll have a good night/day.


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"I don't need to get a life. I'm a gamer, I have LOTS of lives!"
Joined: Oct 2009
Joined: Oct 2009
That would be great
Larian and Avatar

Is there some patch or something that can raise difficulty becaose my mage just pwn everything

Joined: May 2010
Joined: May 2010
Difficulty: Medium
[Linked Image]
Amulet: +101 HP | +5 Dex | +5 Magic AR | 0.2 hp per sec

Ring 1: +2 Dex | +2 HeightReflex | +14 MANA | +3 STR | 0.125 hp per sec

Ring 2: +7 Magic AR | +5 IndWill | +46 HP | +5 INT | +1 VIT | 0.2 hp per sec

Sword 1: Melee dmg: 46-77 Crit 7% | REQ: 13 STR, 13 DEX, LVL 28 +35 Melee dmg | +4 SPIRIT | +24 normal dmg(enchant)

Sword 2: Melee dmg: 41-69 Crit 7% | REQ: 12 STR, 12 DEX, LVL 25 +48 HP | +32 Melee dmg | +4 SPIRIT | +2 DEX | +24 normal dmg(enchant)

Bow: Ranged dmg: 28-83 Crit 12% | REQ: 24 DEX, LVL 25 +3 SPIRIT | +58 HP | +41 MANA | +14 Ranged dmg | +2 STR | +24 Melee normal dmg(enchant)

Belt: +25 HP | 0.2 hp per sec

Helm: Melee AR +5 | REQ: 10 STR, LVL 16 +4 Melee AR | +7 Ranged AR | +3 VIT | +21 HP(enchant)

Armor: Melee AR +6 Magic AR +2 | REQ: 15 STR, LVL 12 +2 HeightReflex | +3 Magic AR | +4 Melee dmg | +2 Reflect | +21 HP(enchant)

Gauntlets: Ranged AR +1 Magic AR +1 | REQ: 23 INT, LVL 23 +4 IndWill | +6 Melee AR | +51 HP | +1 DEX | +21 HP(enchant)

Leggings: Melee AR +3 | REQ: 13 STR, LVL 21 +47 HP | +21 HP(enchant)

Bracelet: +55 HP | +4 INT | +4 Magic AR | +2 Melee dmg | +2 STR | 0.2 hp per sec

Earrings: +57 HP | +43 MANA | +5 IndWill | +4 CondBody | +2 STR | 0.2 hp per sec

Used 3 Moderate HP potions and 2 Moderate Reju potions along with couple of Healing and jumping around the final room while bombarding them with explosive arrows and mind blasts.

Download Link for autosave end-game

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Joined: Jan 2008
Joined: Jan 2008
Link to my mage who just finished.

The autosave is the ranger and the quicksave is the mage.

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Joined: Nov 2009
Mage glasscanon trickster build.

Difficulty: High (although I have questions with the influence of this setting, doesn't seem to do much)

Level: 34 (1376586xp) (as standing behind a pilar in the final battle, having to kill everything still)

492 Hp
663 Mana

35 Vit
29 Spi
24 Str
23 Dex
100 Int (0.9% regen/sec) (also slightly over-kill here, 91 int without weaps, weaps with +6 and +7 int)

Weap Dam 43-52 +(38-46)

MeRe: 37.13%
RaRe: 41.04%
MaRe: 66%

CoBo: 30%
HeRe: 40%
InWi: 75%

Skills: (9 points left)

  • Hide in Shadows 2 (perfect to recover in mid-battle, or sneak up to group of enemies to place a firewall in their midst)
  • Life Tap 1 (from gear, never used)
  • Magic Missile 12 (for dealing damage when Magic Blast in cd and nothing better to do(like a heal/firewall))
  • Fireball 1 (from gear, tried but didn't like, two skill reset wasted ;()
  • Mana Efficiency 5
  • Magic Blast 12 (main cannon)
  • Destruction 5
  • Firewall 11 (loved it, only that it didn't seem to work like it states lotsa times before update, seeming to do only damage one time getting hit by the flames, or 1 time per second like it states when they stand on the burning circle, second run now with update but 2h melee build)
  • Heal 1
  • Defensive Posture 5 (not so much used after all)
  • Mindread 2
  • Encumbrance 1

Armor: (gathered all the sets but ultimately decided not to use the mage set, in favour of better custom setup)

(Legendary) Warlock's Heavy Battle Helmet of the Devotee

- charm slot left empty
  • MeA: +3 +7
  • RaA: +2 +7
  • MaA: +2 +10(Ench)
  • HeRe: +5
  • Spi: +4

Divine's Aleroth Archmage Cuirass of the Elf

- charm slot left empty
  • MeA: +0
  • RaA: +6 +11 (Ench)
  • MaA: +18
  • CoBo: +3

(Legendary) Lich's Heavy Champions Gauntlets of the Devotee

- 2 charm slot left empty
  • MeA: +0
  • RaA: +0
  • MaA: +3 +4 +10(Ench)
  • Mana: +38
  • Vit: +7

(Legendary) Assassin's Heavy Nightbringer Leggings of the Devotee

- charm slot left empty
  • MeA: +2 +8
  • RaA: +2 +13
  • MaA: +10(Ench)
  • InWi: +5

(Legendary) Sorcerer's Engraved Pewtered Bangle of the Snake Gods

- 2 charm slot left empty
  • MeA: +0
  • RaA: +0
  • MaA: +5
  • Str: +3
  • CoBo: +3
  • Fireball: +1

-A poison aura enchant for fun

(Legendary) Desperate Plain Pewter Band of Eternal Burning

  • MeA: +5 +5(Charm)
  • RaA: +0
  • MaA: +6 +3(Charm) +3(Charm)
  • Str: +4
  • InWi: +3
  • Life Tap: +1
  • Whirlwind: +1 (how useful ;( )

-Spontaneous Combustion enchant for fun

(Legendary) Thaumaturge's Beaded Necklace of the Snake Gods

  • MeA: +5 + 5(Charm)
  • RaA: +0
  • MaA: +18 +5(Charm)
  • HeRe: +6
  • Vit: +4

-Poison Aura enchant for fun

(Legendary) Archmage's Bronze Ridged Ring of the Snake Gods

- charm slot left empty
  • MeA: +0
  • RaA: +0
  • MaA: +9
  • Mana: +27
  • Int: +3

-Poison Aura enchant for fun

(Heroic) Archmage's Bronze Ridged Ring of the Snake Gods

- charm slot left empty
  • MeA: +0
  • RaA: +0
  • MaA: +0
  • InWi: +3
  • Mana: +27
  • Hp: +51

-Poison Aura enchant for fun

(Legendary) Monk's Star Belt of the Snake Gods

-2 charm slot left empty
  • MeA: +0
  • RaA: +0
  • MaA: +4
  • InWi: +3
  • Mana: +25
  • HeRe: +3

-Poison Aura enchant for fun

Basic idea for me was, being a glass canon, so good magic defs, and ranged as good as possible too, but seems like ranged damage was rather low so didn't bother too much. Melee not too bad either for the charges, but usually shouldn't be hitting me. For the rest everything focused on damage dealing.

Also you can see I have lotsa charm slots left. That was because by the time I realised I was doing the end-game, I just went for it, without boosting every tiny bit I could.

Weapons: Dual wielding, because it looks fun and better / more stats boosts / slots

*Main hand
(Unique) Archmage's Balanced Light Noble Hammer of the Firebat
28-34 Melee, 19-23 Magic, 5% Crit
  • MeA: +5 +5(Charm)
  • RaA: +0
  • MaA: +0
  • Spirit: +7
  • Mana: +87
  • Int: +6 +2(Charm)

-Poison enchant
-Life Leech enchant
-Fire Curse enchant

*Off hand
(Epic) Archmage's Balanced Light Noble Hammer of the Firebat
36-44 Melee, 5% Crit
- empty charm slot
  • MeA: +0
  • RaA: +0
  • MaA: +0
  • Spi: +4
  • Dex: +4
  • Mana: +60
  • Int: +7

-Poison enchant
-crappy Butcher enchant

Joined: May 2010
Joined: May 2010
Yay! Just finished this great game! I'm a hell knight (i.e. Curse/fire magic warrior). As someone mentioned in an earlier post, I hope you will give most of the priest spells a significant boost in the expansion.

Level: 35
Health: 920
Mana: 550
Vitality: 75
Spirit: 25
Strength: 75
Dexterity: 15
Intelligence: 75

Fear: 5
Summon demon: 6
Fireball: 13
Firewall: 13
Whirlwind: 6
Life leech: 7
Destruction: 5
Battle rage: 2
Two handed expertise: 6
Bleed: 6
Way of battle mage: 5
Death blow: 1
Reflect: 1
Mana leech: 1

Armour: Ulthring set
Weapon: 2 handed sword from scorpion set
Belt and accesorries: ring from scorpion set and legendary stuff obtained from merchant spamming :P

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Joined: May 2010
Just finished the game. It was (and still is) a great game to play, although there are some downs too. For example i couldn't find the difficulty setting and when i DID found it, i finished the game... The 3 major sets are great too, only if you are planning to make a ranger, a mage or a warrior. I was able to wear all 3 of them but only after I had some charms put into my equipment. But all this was compensated with one thing if you ask me, and that is the battle tower! It was a great idea do put something like that in a game, because i hated it when i could find the right gems, enchantments or ingredients for the things i needed. But enough of this chatter back to the question. The stats in green are with equipment on.



Hitpoints: 389 676
Mana: 340 453

Vitality:27 42
Spirit:20 20
Strength:39 46
Dexterity:35 35
Intelligence:36 49

Melee resistance:17.78% 52.71%
Ranged resistance:16.26% 49.96%
Magic resistance:16.64% 47.25%

Conditioned Body: 39% 67%
Heightened Reflexes: 35% 49%
Indomitable Will: 36% 62%

Weapon Damage: 66-81/34-164+([color:#333399]46-108)[/color]

Mind read:5
Two-handed combat:5

Ranger Strength:12+1
Ranger Stealth:3
Explosive arrow:12
Way of the ranger:2

Jump attack:1
Life leech:1+1

Mana efficiency;2

Hide in Shadows:1
Summon Undead:0+1


Paladin's Scorpion Earrings of the avenger
+5 to Indomitable will
+3 to Vitality
+42 to Hitpoints

Retribution aura level 3

Divine's Scorpion Bracelet of Static Charge
+4% to Spirit
+4 to Indomitable will
+6 to Conditioned body
+2 to Strength

Minor Strength charm
Static Charge aura level 7

Archmage's Ulthring's Leggings of Vengeance
Melee Armour Rating: +6
+12% to Vitality
+46 to Mana
+3 to Vitality
+1 to Evade

Ranged Protection level 9
Retribution aura level 7

Sorcerer's Ulthring's Gauntlets of the Elf
Melee Armour Rating: +4
Ranged Armour Rating: +1
Magic Armour Rating: +1
+15 to Magic Armour rating
+3 to Intelligence
+16 to Magic Armour rating
+1 to Life Leech

Melee Protection level 8
Ranged Protection level 9

Paladin's Ulthring's Cuirass of Vengeance
Melee Armour Rating: +13
Magic Armour Rating: +4
+15 to Melee Armour rating
+51 to Hitpoints
+6 to Melee Armour rating
+6 to Conditioned body
+1 to Regenerate

Ranged Protection level 10
Retribution aura level 7

Legendary Ulthring's Helmet of Hope
Melee Armour Rating: +9
Magic Armour Rating: +2
+15 to Ranged Armour rating
+4 to Indomitable will
+5 to Heightened Reflexes
+1 to Mana leech

Ranged Protection level 10
Retribution aura level 7
Life Line level9

(Legendary) Paladin's Power Belt of the Avenger
+7 to Magic Armour rating
+4 to Heightened Reflexes
+5 to Conditioned body
+22 to Hitpoints
+4 to Intelligence

Blessed Intelligence charm
Retribution aura level 2

(Legendary) Archmage's Plain Ring of Static Charge
+67 to Mana
+5 to Heightened Reflexes
+4 to Vitality
+4 to Conditioned body

Static Charge aura level 9

Deadly Barnabus' Ring of Static Charge
+3 to Strength
+2 to Vitality
+1 to Summon Undead

Static Charge aura level 7

(Magical) Sorcerer lord's Pewter Locket of Static Charge
+2 to Strength
+2 to Intelligence

Static Charge aura level 7

My weapon of choice is the Bow of Tiberius here are the stats:

Paladin's Bow of Tiberius of the Snake
Ranged Damage: 11-78
Magic Damage: 7-49
+4 to Intelligence
+7 to Ranged damage
+43 to Hitpoints
+1 to Ranger Strength

Increased Magical damage level 9
Poison level 10

Joined: Jul 2010
Joined: Jul 2010
I finished last nite. Great fun. Bravo to the developers! I thought EGO DRACONIS was one of the best games I've played, the best since Bioshock, I'd say. I've been playing video games for a long time and play only on PC. Just to give you the context, I started playing when Space Invaders and Asteroids were new in arcades. I'm in NY now. 59 years old. I used to play mostly FPS, starting with the original Unreal Tournament, which was a life changing experience. :o) Now that I'm an old fart, I can't take the constant tension. I'm less twitchy and have come to enjoy RPGs much more. I played Dragon Age, Fallout 3, Mass Effect, Guild Wars. But I've developed a great fondness for "central European" single player RPGs: started with Stalker, the Gothic series and Risen, Witcher, King's Bounty, Drakensang (which was great), and now EGO DRACONIS.

I'd just say this: the graphics are beautiful. You don't have to upgrade the engine on my behalf. More resolution just puts more strain on the system and hits the FPS. Another big feature of the game, I thought, was the maneuverability of the avatar - walk/run, jump, front and back flip, roll left/right. That added a great deal of fun. I loved to do a front flip off a cliff and then morph into dragon form and fly off. Mixing ground combat and aerial combat also worked splendidly.

I played on normal as a mage/archer. Fireball, exploding arrows, and summon undead. If I get a chance, I'll post my stats. I'm not that interested in tough boss fights. What's fun for me is to achieve god-like status and just romp.

So I wanted to thank the developers for a great game. After reading the reviews, I grabbed it off Impulse here in the US. I'm looking forward to FOV.

Joined: Oct 2003
Joined: Oct 2003
Thanks for the kind words, Johnny, and welcome to the forum! wave

I am in blood
Stepp'd in so far, that, should I wade no more,
Returning were as tedious as go o'er.
Joined: Jul 2010
Location: CANADA!!!! :)
Joined: Jul 2010
Location: CANADA!!!! :)
Well I finished at Level 34, the part I had the most trouble with was THE VERY ENTRANCE TO THE HALL OF ECHOES. I was being one hit killed as my dragon.
Rest of it though was barely being hurt.
This being my first run I made a dual wield pure warrior.
Stats on the left are fully equipped. Stats on the right are with nothing on.

HP- 926 / 602
MANA- 351 / 196
Vitality- 76 / 58
Spirit- 3 / 0 smile
Strength- 84 / 70
Dexterity- 21 / 13
Intelligence- 15 / 9

Damage- 464-644 / 72-87
Melee res.- 60.53% / 27.97%
Ranged res.- 29.65% / 6.73%
Magic res.- 20.85% / 4.75%
Condition- 75% / 70%
H. Reflex.- 24% / 13%
I. Will- 43% / 9%

Regenerate 11
Life Leech 1
Evade 12 (awesome watching evade more then damage)
Potion efficiency 5
Dual wield 12
8 point left over.

I was usig the Scorpian Set, minus the 2h sword.

Weapons used were:

(Heroic) Saint's Well Crafted Heavy Noble Sword Of The Vampire
One Handed
Melee- 50-83
+6 Intelligence
+21 Melee Damage
Life leech 12% to convert 19% of damage per hit.

Lich's Normal Light Cleaver Of Doom
One Handed
+32 melee damage
+50 mana
+ 1 Reflect
Increase normal damage by 15

Archmages Bow Of Tiberious Of Doom (DID NOT USE)
Ranged Damage: 11-78
Magic Damage: 7-49
+4 Intelligence
+25 Mana
+7 ranged damage
+1 to Ranger Strength
2 additional open charm slots.
Mana leech- 15% chance to convert 12%
Increase normal damage by 18

(Legendary) Paladin Plain Ring Of The Avenger
+67 hitpionts
+3 H. Reflexes
+4 Strength
Retribution Aura- 14% retaliation of 26% of damage done to you.

** In my first run I did not utilize my enchanment platform so any open enchantment spots stayed open and all the Scorpian Set had one open spot and crap stock enchants.**

AWESOME F*CKING GAME LARIAN!! Keep it up!!! Anxiously awaiting D3.

~Up comming run through Pure Mage... already level 22 and magic missle is the SH*T!!~
~Using my runners non-stop this time around as well so far so good!!~

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Joined: Jun 2010
Joined: Jun 2010
Just finish not long ago, still confuse about the story though.

Level 34 (35 when killed Divine)

Gold: 28496
Almost always over-Encumbering because of books.

HP - 894
MP - 551
Vitality - 59
Spirit - 32
Strength - 53
Dexterity - 2
Intellect - 45

Weapon Damage: 155-372 + (36 - 36)
Melee Resistance: 50.71%
Ranged Resistance: 18.89%
Magic Resistance: 43.71%
Conditional Body: 68%
Ranged Resistance: 43.71%

Armor: Ulthring's Set
All Armor have an enhancement of +12 Mana and 24 HP. Left over slot is Magic Damage Aura.

Amulet: Hermit's Talisman of the North of the Snake Gods
Charm: +10 Melee Damage
Magic Damage Aura 9
Poison Aura 8
Spontaneuos Combustion 9

Weapon: Twohanded
Melee Damage 21 - 149
+19 Magic Damage
+30 Melee Damage

Charm: Damage + 2
Enhancement: +21 Melee Damage
Awesome random stats, that I used from ~level 26 unchanged.

Skill: Unspent points 8 (9 upon 35) Man, I didn't know that Divine is the big boss.
Whirlwind: 12
Rush Attack: 1
Wisdom: 0 + 2 (From Talisman)
Mana Leech: 1 + 1
Battle Rage: 5
Potion Effective: 3
Fire Wall: 2
Healing: 5
Bleeding: 10
Evade: 1 + 1
Regeneration: 1 + 1
Two Handed Expertise: 12
Thousands Strike: 1 + 1
Death Blow: 1

Stats from item I didn't add here, because I don't have much time now. (Will edit later)

Hmmm, I'm still confuse about the story, maybe I should read all of the books. awaiting to play new game in The Dragon Saga.

Especially, who advising to resurrecting Ygerna? and what sentence is that?
Man, I surely forget things if not playing straight days sometimes...

I'm Thai.
Sorry for my grammar.

I don't post much, but reading.
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