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#439670 25/02/11 11:19 PM
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tinfish Offline OP
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Joined: Feb 2011
Well it took forever to get here, but I have my tower and I am utterly stuck.
Untill now I have really struggled to do much due to a complete lack of potions making nigh on every fight extremely difficult and I missed quite a few quests as there aren't many clues on how to complete them, I also encounter tons of locked doors and keys with no way to reach them, so it has taken a long time to get this far.
Now my problem is that while as a level 20 Dragon I can fight lvl 27 creature's and buildings as a level 20 ranger I can't fight anything (Everything is 23 or so and grouped up), still there are no potions and I still don't know where I am meant to be fighting.
Despite upgrading my herb gather he naturally got wounded, so I still have no Herbs for health potions.
Fighting beholders and goblins is ok, but further up the cliff I meet a group of 6 or so and can't get past without health.
Going back into the only other are I can fly to (Broken valley) is suicidal once on foot and I am lost in the fjords area, I entered a cave and struggled with skeletons who heal faster than i can damage them.

It now has become a chore, theres never enough health, the quests never give enough info, I can't ever get enough XP to have a fair fight and I never stop encountering locked chests smile My patience is wearing out.

So I am curious about where on earth I should be no I am a Dragon.
Do merchants ever restock? Food is useless and health potions limited to about 25.
I m flat broke and don't see myself making any money to upgrade the runners further.

I guess a hint as to where to head now would help, to all intents and purposes I have spent the best part of 2 hours lost and looking for a potion so I can actually do something.
Capped off by a save bug, occasionally when saving on the 360, the game freezes.

I persist because I enjoy the game, but just for once I would like to know what I am doing lol.

Never realised the connection between this and Divine Divinity! I loved those games, don't tell me the keys and potions are beneath haybails.....

Joined: Dec 2010
Joined: Dec 2010
1) You can make money using your gem runner and selling the gems
2) Merchants restock when you gain a new level
3) Food is useful when you are not fighting. You can eat food between fights or when you hide.
4) Potions are more effective out of dragon form. Change to human form use a potion and then change back to dragon form.
5) If you need help with quests your options are search this forum for answers. Almost every question has already been answered. You can also ask new questions as often as you need.

There are also websites with guides, hints, and walkthroughs:

Joined: Feb 2011
tinfish Offline OP
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Joined: Feb 2011
I do use food between fights, I should have added it is useless in combat (well, in many battles not all)
I am aware that answers can be googled too, but that way lies the path of the Epic Spoiler. At the moment it is more of a nudge in the right direction I am seeking.

Never thought to sell those gems, helpful tip thanks smile Will put that to use!
Will make sure to take advantage of merchants on my next run through aswell, no idea if I will find any from this point on.

Only discovered this game by accident, it's a real Gem.

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Location: Canada
Joined: Mar 2003
Location: Canada

Do you have a save from before entering the summoning chamber? If so you could always reload and finish off a few areas / quests with hints from the forum or Wiki. The D2:ED walkthrough and guide that Candlebbq gave the link to would also be useful, but there were a few changes to flying fortresses, quest rewards, etc in DKS.
With the walkthrough you can search by location or quest name, etc, so that might make it easier to avoid spoilers. Or you could just leave that for your next character.

Level 1 of the healing spell comes in handy, and helps conserve potions. Mana Efficiency reduces the cost to summon your creature as well as spells, so it is helpful even for non-mage characters.

Talk to the alchemist to heal your herb runner, and send the other two out for diamonds and malachite ore to sell (at least in D2:ED those were the most valuable items the other two runners could get). Teleport to the outside Sentinel Island teleporter, and use your dragon stone to return to the throne room. If you wait for the runners to leave the room, you just have to teleport out and then back and the runners will also be back. Once they are upgraded they should return successful most of the time.
While you are outside, there are also a few opponents from the initial battle to finish off, and a few chests to loot. You can now get to the boat in the tree, but you may want to use the treasure yourself, rather than complete that quest. Jump up the rocks by the teleporter and run over to a place with no overhanging tree branches to transform into a dragon.

Do you have any useless equipment to sell, weak charms, or excess plants, etc? Other than malachite gems, any alchemy or enchantment ingredients you sell to be able to upgrade your runners you can easily build up again.

If there are no hints on how to complete a quest, you should come across the solution just by exploring.

There shouldn't be any keys that are difficult to reach. At least in D2:ED the couple I recall that were tricky were not essential.
Have you learned Lockpick? There are chests that need a key to be opened, but they are generally nearby.

Have you cleared the rest of the trail down the mountain, even if you jump/fly past the section with the group of goblins? For that group, if you just hit and run, as long as you take one goblin out the next approach would be easier. Do you have the Exploding Arrows skill?
There is a beach at the bottom of the trail, which you may have cleared already since you mentioned beholders, and there is another beach behind the anti-dragon shields that you can swim to. Around the mountain from the beaches at the bottom of the trail there is a mine.

I found the creature much more helpful with a ranger head that a warrior head, when I was trying to clear some of the fjords before heading to Sentinel Island in D2:ED, and later switched him to a mage head. He is more aggressive using ranged attacks (sometimes as a warrior it took him awhile to join in a fight, and he didn't use Rush Attack as much as he could have), and doesn't move around as much, so can be used as a shield in some situations.

If you fly out over the water from the start of the fjords, you should see a bunker high in the mountains behind some anti-dragon shields and defenses. That is where you need to get to lower the barrier and disable the shields (there are a couple traders in there, as well, after they surrender).
You can either use a teleporter to get up there (the Camp Sentinel View teleporter, on the west side of the island in the middle of the channel, on a ledge directly above the left Nest Tower as you approach the cliff, will bring you to Camp Eagle's Nest, where you can access the bunker) or it is also possible to fly above the anti-dragon shield and drop down in human form, if you find the right spot.

The cave under the waterfall can be left until you are a higher level. There is a cave near the source of the shorter waterfall, where some of it can be done in dragon form (there are 3 teleporters there leading to 3 sections that should be finished off in human form before going after the inhabitant of the cave).
There is a cave just to the left of where the bunker's anti-dragon shields end, though the occupants may prove more trouble than the goblins.

Welcome to the forum. wave

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tinfish Offline OP
OP Offline
Joined: Feb 2011
Thanks for the welcome!
I will read this all in the morning, bit late now but browsing it, it sure is helpful.
I have respecced my girl and will see how I get on, looks better at least. I am also hording gems to sell, i have one worth 2K.
I respecced to what on paper should be a superior build after one of those 'easy' Beholders, slaughtered me in a second lol.

Really enjoy this game, but the learning curve is steep, I am used to EQII and so forth (Grey is easy, run from Red etc) in this it seems anything can kick my butt hehe.
I will pump vitality for a while too, keep those 1 shot kills to a minimum.
I also must learn about equipment, I am wearing nothing close to my level.

Joined: Mar 2003
Location: Canada
Joined: Mar 2003
Location: Canada

The gem worth 2k is a malachite gem, which are in limited supply. They are required for all level 10 enchantments, and any level of the healing aura enchantment. In D2:ED the effect for level 9 enchantments was almost the same as level 10, so I stuck to level 9, except for healing auras (where I only used level 10). I found 28 total, including reloading at malachite veins, so selling one or two shouldn't be a problem, though the enchantment effects were increased in DKS, and there may be a larger difference between level 9 and 10.

The following malachite gem section of the D2:ED walkthrough is valid for DKS, and in the FoV part of the game there are additional sources.
| Malachite Gems |

Needed for the best enchants in the game, these rare and elusive gems are
quite precious. While it's near impossible to get all of them in a single play
through of the game, using this list, you should be able to get enough to
comfortably enhance your favorite weapons, armor, and jewelry.

Broken Valley:
-You can buy two gems from Merchant Lamotte in the Broken Valley village.

-The only other gem you can acquire before adventuring in Orobas Fjords comes
from waking up the sleeping trio east of Lovis' tower.

Orobas Fjords:
-On the path leading to High Hall from the Depleted Ore Mine, you encounter a
traveling merchant by the name of Carleton. He sells a malachite gem, but be
careful! At the time of this writing, there is a bug that causes you to be
unable to buy from him if you open trade via dialogue. Click the Trade button
instead and you will be able to buy the gem.

-You receive two malachite gems as a reward for completing the quest 'The
Horror of High Hall'. If you read Beatrice's mind, the reward becomes four
gems, making this the single largest (reliable) source of malachite gems.

-If you read the goblin Charlie's mind while on the quest 'Reaping the Seeds',
a small treasure chest appears in the nest on top of Yggdrasil, and a
malachite gem is inside.

-If you chose Radcliff as your enchanter, you can trade the gem he asks for to
a pair of goblins in exchange for two malachite gems. Doing so will bar you
from ever getting a second upgrade for your workshop, but it's probably worth
the trade off unless you enchant a whole lot and hate utilizing your runners.

Malachite Veins:
The rest of the malachite gems can be found randomly in malachite veins. There
aren't many, and each one isn't guaranteed to have even one gem (though forum
rumors suggest up to four in a single vein). If you save your game before
approaching any given malachite vein, you can always reload until you get more
gems. However, it's probably not worth reloading as long as you get at least

-The first malachite vein you're likely to encounter is in the Depleted Ore
Mine, just past the three pedestals with the red, blue, and dark books on top.

-There is a second vein just behind the first. After you finish plundering the
first, turn around and look up. You'll have to jump onto a rock to reach it.

-There are two malachite veins near the Patriarch. The first is along the
eastern wall and is relatively easy to find. The second is hidden behind some
rocks on the western wall, very near an empty wagon sitting just in front of
the wooden platform you stand on when talking with the Patriarch.

-Two more malachite veins are in the Lost Tomb (the cave opened by the four
treasure hunter's seals). The first is along the right wall as you approach
the stone platform. The second is beneath the wooden platform on the left.
...and those poor adventurers thought there was nothing of value in there.

-There are two malachite veins in the Well Cave, in the room where you fight
Zagan. It's relatively hard to get these without triggering the combat, after
which it's technically possible to still get the gems but rather difficult.
Simply hug the left wall as tightly as you can, jumping up onto tall rocks
instead of going around when possible. When you're directly south of the large
orb in the middle of the room, you should see a large, flat rock with two
malachite veins on it. If you activate the combat by mistake, it's easiest to
just reload.

-If you don't want to or can't reload, you'll have to exploit a bug to get
the above two veins. First, finish the combat and fly to the exit. Then, after
transforming out of your dragon form, turn around and walk onto the large rock
to the left. You'll want to jump out into the cavern, but angled sharply to
the right. If done correctly, when the game tries to auto-transform you into a
dragon, you'll get a "not enough room" error and fall into the lava, strangely
taking no damage. From there, you should jump out of the lava, work your way
around the orb with skillful acrobatics, and finally claim your gems. It's a
lot easier to just reload.

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