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#450361 17/09/11 10:18 AM
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Ok everyone I'm going to be adding a skills sectione to the guide but I very rarely make a ranger class. So if there are people still active here on the Forum that use the ranger class often then could you plase post here the skills the ranger learns & what level the skills become availible to learn. I'll be adding a complete list of skills & what level you need to be to add points into them, so that anyone who may need help with character builds can have a referance to make it easyer to plan ahead. All that contribute to the guide will be credited for there input & efforts when the guide is completed thanks in advane everyone.

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Joined: Apr 2005
I like to play with Ranger Skills. Priest + Ranger Skills together = awesome build, a Ranger Priest.

If you start a New Game, L1, choosing a Ranger you gain Dexerity +4 and start with Poison Arrows +1 as starting skill.
Poison Arrows can "stun" the enemies a little bit because of the poison is working.
I'm not totally sure(but almost) about the next levels you can gain in this skill :
Poison Arrows (PA) 1/5 at L1, 2/5 at L4, 3/5 at L8, 4/5 at L11 & 5/5 at L14 . After the BT* you can upgrade PA up to 15/15 .

But if you really wish to Stun an enemy it's best to take Stun Arrows (SnA).
SnA seems to be not that big skill, but I experienced it works by many many sort of enemies !
Levels : SnA 1/5 at L3, 2/5 at L6 , 3/5 at L9, 4/5 at L13 & 5/5 at L15 . After the BT* you can upgrade PA up to 15/15 . I believe it starts with "Stun an enemy for 4 seconds and each level 1 second more !

Splitting Arrows (SgA) is very strong at higher levels and become very powerful in combination with the skill Way of the Ranger (WoR) ! (avaible at L 20 and further on up to L 22/24/25 and L 27 for 5/5 )
Very powerful because every arrow does a certain % more damage because of WoR skill !
SgA 1/5 start at L10 with 2 arrows out of 1 shot. Each level 1 arrow more, so on 15/15 you shoot 16 arrows ! 2/5 at L13, 3/5 at L16, 4/5 at L18 and 5/5 at L20.

Explosive Arrors (EA) is avaible at L15. EA 2/5 at L18, 3/5 at L20, 4/5 at L22 and 5/5 at L23 . (up to 15/15)*
Ranger Suprize I didn't use so far that much, but you can compare it with a Curse spell (via shooting cursed arrow so that the enemy gets a penalty for Armour Rating (lower resistance!).

If you like to do more damage per hit, you can invest in Ranger Strength, together with Ranger Stealth, a passive skill. Ranger Stealth 5/5 is the highest level you can go !

So, that was my (and maybe only?) post about Ranger Skills .

* BT = Battle tower, if you taken over this BT from Laiken, you can train skill to higher levels !(costs : goldcoins).

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