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This one is for all the reviewers out there - there's been some updates since you started and here is the change list for that. Sorry about the hassle, but it's a live game, not a one-time affair smile

Changes since

- Show correct player icon in campaign in chapter3
- Added load confirmation to loading in multiplayer
- Added story stats to Steam Stats
- AI takes demonized units into account
- Added achievements
- Fixed savegame issues with transports
- A lot of changes done to the AI to be more responsive and inventive
- Added DLC support
- Added new newspaper
- Added empire overview window
- Capped the general wages
- Big changes to unit and dragon balance
- Big changes to game-speed and pacing
- Fixed a lot of dialog animation problems in the Hub
- Fixed level overview button
- Fixed issue where cards could be interchanged in the prepare battle stage, causing a desync
- Fixed a lot of crashes concerning poly-morphed units
- Fixed positioning of tool-tips in strategy phase
- Added new sound-banks
- Fixed issue where sounds of dragon fireballs suddenly disappear
- Fixed crash where everybody retreats from battle
- Huge performance update for strategy AI
- Added new game cursor
- Added ladder games
- Bombs are no longer target-able with skills
- Fixed filtering on cards in card menu
- Prepare battle UI shows your current gold amount now
- Leaderboards will correctly refresh now
- Allow scrolling for friend leaderboards
- Tooltips show correct cooldown now
- Fixed desync concerning dragon combat
- Fixed rare crash with infantry in kamikaze mode
- Russian / Polish / Korean keyboards work now in the game
- Fixed saving of advanced settings in MP advanced options
- Default resolution should be better detected now
- Fixed problems where game hang at the next dragon loadout screen when a player left during a previous RTS game
- Turn message and timer will no longer overlap
- Added more modifiable keys to the game, more hints and two more input examples during loadingscreens
- Fixed issue where cards were draggable in the card selection window
- Fixed saving of transports in the strategy phase
- Added ELO rating system to leaderboards
- Added more tooltips in the combat UI
- Fixed some animation irregularities for dragons in multiplayer
- Tweaked auto-resolve formulas
- Added "passive" description to passive skills in dragon loadout
- Changed rules when weapon ranges were shown a bit. Also works for boats and air units now
- Added tooltip to better explain the support mechanic
- UI's on strategy map will close when optional game timer expires
- Fixed some stability problems during RTS gameplay
- Fix for desync during strategy phase
- Added dematerialize effect on dragon death
- Terrain texture quality will scale with texture settings now, to give low-end systems some breathing space
- Added Connect To IP option in the lobby
- Bloodsplashes are only shown for local player now
- Fixed crash in Training Grounds
- Fixed stability problems on strategy maps
- Changed options in MP Advanced options are printed in chat window now for reference
- Changed battle result tool-tip
- Added option to remove FPS cap
- Area effects are removed when restarting a level now
- Tutorials are temporarily reset when entering Training Grounds
- You can no longer play land unit cards on sea tiles
- Reserves are correcly calculated for entrenched countries now
- Added casual difficulty setting
- Able to change game difficulty during strategy phase. This influences combat AI difficulty in your next battle
- You are able to target friendly buildings again
- Armies are better placed on the strategy map
- Fixed bug where units couldn't switch active skill
- Added "press to continue" option in loading screens
- Fixed animation problem on dragon in multiplayer
- Updated soundbanks with new music
- Game should better handle a lot of units on the RTS map
- Fixed line-of-sight problem for zeppelins
- Fixed render problems with movies
- Added messagebox when connection fails with more information
- Fixed cost calculation for units on strategy map
- Added missing unit videos to unit shop
- More stable pathfinding
- Added advanced multiplayer options
- Enable password on servers
- Battleship nukes no longer get stuck
- Added ladder maps
- Added skill level to players and filters in multiplayer levels
- Improved notifications
- Fixed dragging in transports
- Added card animations on strategy map
- Turrets wont reset rotations after target is killed
- Bombers will do damage again
- Added videos to research screens
- Improved priest behaviour
- Changed sightrange of juggernauts
- Added conversion rate of units to tooltips
- Combat levels in MP are random now
- Several stability and performace improvements

Have fun!

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Joined: Jan 2009
Oops, I think the changelist has a spoiler in it.

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Joined: Jul 2013
So, does this mean single player is unlocked??!!

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Joined: Apr 2013
No, this is for the review version, it sounds like this is a compilation of most of the beta patches. Considering how much the game has improved over the last month I hope reviewers are understanding and aren't too harsh on Larian for not being a huge publisher.

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Joined: Jul 2013
Too harsh? This game will do well.

I'm certain of it.

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Joined: Jul 2013
Originally Posted by Stabbey
Oops, I think the changelist has a spoiler in it.

Interesting spoiler though. I'm excited that there will be some interesting single player only changes to spice things up. I'm also curious as to what they are doing for DLC now that it's confirmed.

Edit: I'm an idiot and forgot about the pre-order bonus. I guess there is no mention for DLC beyond that.

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Joined: Dec 2010
In terms of DLC, there's the Imperial Edition content (a dragon skin and a world map), along with the Silverfire jetpack from the promotion they did a long time ago (so old that it's still on the old DC site) and the golden jetpack from the Divinity Anthology.

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