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#478389 17/01/14 10:17 PM
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Changelog for UPDATE

Note - there are too many fixes & upgrades to list them all here. The following list represents the most important changes.

- Fixes to detection of display resolution
- Correctly assigned item ownerships in the harbor area
- Correctly transfer character ownership when exiting a multiplayer session
- Fixed dying action states
- Homestead button is saved now
- Waypoints are saved now
- In multi GPU environments, prefer the fastest GPU
- Fixed memory leak concerning party
- Fixed memory leak concerning character stats
- Fixed animation problems for invisible characters
- Surfaces will join combats now
- Fixed situation where combat could get stuck
- Added progressbar during item combinations
- Fixed speed for moving items
- Show distances at cursor in combat
- Changes to item mover for improved stealing behaviour
- Changed thieving reactions
- Campfires will correctly burn now
- Allow baskets to be picked up
- Fixed sorting problems for blended objects
- Fishracks have correct display names
- Fixed attack mode toggle
- Added animation states to cursors
- Added companions
- Added immunities to NPCs
- Abilities are capped to 5 now
- Fixed sorting for water and electrifed surface
- Particle emitters will update their position now
- Added quest markers to map
- Fixed vertex buffer leak in skillbar
- Enemies are grouped in combat groups now
- Modified AP system: now there is a difference between total AP, recovery AP and start AP
- Made some skills weapon dependent
- Added shroud triggers and camera triggers to a lot of regions
- Disabled decals on characters
- Added modifiers to attack skills
- Clouds and surfaces can be rendered together now
- Weapon draw animations have been changed
- Fixed alignment issues in a variaty of situations
- Sneaking status is correctly saved now
- Modified splitting arrow and multishot skills
- Containers for UIs are automaticly closed now when moving away
- Introduced party XP
- Statusmachine is correctly saved now
- Added warrior and survivor stances: power stance & precision stance
- Skills will no longer autolevel with the players
- Attributes have become requirements now
- Several fixes for visual attachments
- Fixed effects being never destroyed
- Fixed lockpicking
- Added text to quest markers
- Fixed to waypoint shrine triggers
- Changed shroud texture resolution
- Fixed smooth fading of shroud
- Shroud state is saved now
- Shroud state is working in multiplayer now
- Fixed materials for body attachments
- Added more damage stats to skills
- Roofs above characters in combat will fade away now
- Fixed fading of refractive objects
- Added "too far" feedback to projectile based skills
- Fixed highlighting of corpses
- Changed calculation for chance to hit penalty
- Changed priorities for fleeing from dangerous surfaces
- Sheat animations are not played when sneaking
- Added status effects for inspire and fear
- Two starstone scenes dont trigger for companions
- Fix for partymembers becoming enemies when attacking a charmed enemy
- Fixed sneak animations
- Added steam friend lobbies
- Reworked game client to track network status
- Added InitNetwork and InitConnection states
- It's possible to abort loading at any phase now
- Fixed overbrightness of scenes
- Fix companions after death
- Changed rush weaponrange
- Changed whirlwind weaponrange
- Do not allow decals on walls
- Fixed the shroud becoming completely black
- Added more events to Madoc
- Added flood to decay of surfaces
- Added animations for stances
- Fixed sound triggers in Cyseal
- Cannot join of full lobbies
- Fixed position for status effects
- Fixed server disconnecting issues
- Fixed item generations fixes
- Brachus torches are indistructible now
- Added "empty" AP slots
- Attacks can have multiple hits now
- Improved synchronization between client and local server when unloading
- Dont allow trading of certain, questrelated items
- Fixed fire observatory waypointshrine
- Fixed perception scripts
- Lowered required perception for levers
- A *lot* of stability fixes
-2 companions added
-Loot tables and treasure balancing
-Gold balancing (not final but more fun)
-Skill balancing and reforming
-Weapon balancing
-Combat gameplay redesign (heavier and more tactical)
-Generic behavior adjustments to facilitate companions
-Additional item combinations
-Adjustment of the main quest and star stone encounters
-Hall of heroes activated
-General rewrite of some Cyseal characters
-Critter generic behaviors
-Created items with on/off states (torches, candles, etc.)
-Added more solutions to most of the quests in accordance with forum remarks/complaints
-Updated the quest log notifications
-Placed map markers for need to know locations
- Added Floating flag to some characters
- Fixed outlines for destroyed items
- Torches, candles, chandeliers, ... are interactible now and react to elemental damage
- Fixed doors in the harbor
- Improved performance for texture streamer
- NPC will correctly detect agression in their environment"

Lar_q #478393 17/01/14 10:21 PM
Joined: Aug 2009
Location: Soviet Empire
Joined: Aug 2009
Location: Soviet Empire
Thanks, reposted to Steam. Swen, could you stick that thread on steam forums: or something?

Kein #478400 17/01/14 10:47 PM
Joined: Feb 2013
Joined: Feb 2013
Holy crap, great work guys! I didn't think that much would be changed with the addition of multiplayer. I did notice a lot of polish additions for the 10-15 min I got to play so far, looking great!

On a side note, I know it's a mechanic, but "- Surfaces will join combats now" just sounds funny. hahaha

I pledged and all I got was this lousy awesome game!

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