Hey Larian,

Been a kickstarter backer since day one but have avoided playing the Alpha to not ruin too much but thought I'd have a quick play around in the latest Beta.

Consequentially I apologies if my feedback has been heard 100 times!!!

- Map - In the tutorial area that I played through the map was really quite useless, I had no idea looking at it if there was areas I had still to explore or a good idea of the layout. Needs a lot more definition!

- Dialogue - I know there will be voices in the full release but in this form I found it very hard to keep up with dialogue on the screen and had to pull up the text window on the bottom right most times, which is fine but I like it minimised as I always end up clicking that when I'm trying to move.

- Speed - Feels like the walking pace is going to get painful really quickly!

- Icons - I think the icons should give you an idea of if its a one time deal or not, I know the body of the text in the resurrection spell makes it clear but this should be made clearer similar to the cool down rate.

- Zoom - I'm sure its limited on purpose but always feel like I'd like to zoom out that bit more!

- Saves - More of a feature request really but I do hope you'll support steam cloud!!

Other than that I really enjoyed the physics and freedom and will leave it now until June 20th!

GTX 480, i7 920, 6GB Dominator, Win7 x64
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