Love the game, it was unplayable before with constant crashes for 32bit but was fixed later with patch. thanks. still some crash but better than before.

* In the second town I received a quest from Laurence to kill a goblin. Later I helped Nadia and got rid of Laurence by banishing him and after I killed the goblin in the mine I received the mission to deliver the head to Laurence even though he is not available anymore.
* Choosing sound track from Krill doesn't do anything same music continues playing.

* Zooming out is terrible. if it is restricted for performance I go to highest location on map and zoom out and then explore and can see no performance problems.
* Inventory management and skill bar selection not entirely good. Inventory can't sort by type for overall and can't see unidentified items. Skill bar needs more slots and bigger button to switch between bars.
* Sometimes the highlighted leader is not selected for conversation but the closeted is selected in their place. same with ending a battle the last character leads and sometimes takes charge of conversation.
* Secrets in map needs to go away or change icons to show if they are discovered or not.
* During trade the second character does not show if he learned the spells. need to exit and initiate trade with that character to see that.
* During respec all skills are erased. it would be better to be unavailable until have the stats instead.
* Crafting needs improvement.

* Please add more unique equipment to bosses and special encounters and special chests to avoid save scumming for legendary. not needed but will be good.
* At Mine stealth is the only available good option other than constant running because of Death Knights are invincible and semi linear passage. that was different than the rest of the game with the open world and a lot of ways to do quests.

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