A bug list i've been keeping. I realize some of these may be posted elsewhere, but I've been hesitant to read anything myself on forums to avoid spoilers. But I saw you are working on a bug fix patch, so wanted to get these listed.

**Bug lists contains minor spoilers from First map**

1. Intestines, no use (marked as ingredient).

2. Strong sinews, no use (marked as ingredient). Normal sinews used to create bow strings, which are used in several recipes. Game stops dropping regular sinews, leaving players no upgrade options.

3. Adult antler, no use (marked as ingredient). Normal antlers useable.

4. Scale scraps, no use (marked as ingredient).

5. orc horns, no use (marked as ingredient).

6. (Non-blank parchments, e.g. lore, instructions, etc) tagged as ingredients.

7. (blank) parchments, no use. Tagged as ingridient. Description says "use to read," but contain no text, and no option to read on right click.

8. Barrel Lid -- referred to in lore books, does not exist. Apparently used to craft a wood shield (lid + rope).

9. Book in library, Philosophy of death - is blank, can't read. Yet you meet the author later, who gives an indepth quiz on it.

10. Dropping cheese in warehouse likely to cause game to crash. Possibly b/c mouse tries to get it through wall? Players may attempt this to try to find way into wharehouse treasury room, especially since other mouse refers to "making a friend" over there... (although incorrect, player could think he means the other mouse).

11. Cup of Oil, only works when oil barrel dragged to cup, not other way around. Interaction with cup + barrel should be same as with water barrel, unnatural to drag barrel to a cup.

12. Elven Stew, failed to combine when pizza sauce and dinner were stacked. Crafting dialogue appeared showing stacked product, but new items not created. Worked when I unstacked both items.

13. Low crafting skill adds durability to shield, higher crafting adds blocking only. Seems like higher crafting should add both, otherwise you need a low lvl and high lvl crafter to get optimal results.

14. Cloth robe - not upgrading with leather, scale, metal, or plate scraps, intended? Some non-robe cloth armor upgradeable, but virtually all cloth bodyarmor drops are robes, save the cloth you can craft (non-magical). Perhaps clueing player in more in lore books if intended, so they understand game has different armor subclasses (e.g. robes, shirts, jerkins, etc).

15. Several types of items named "empty bottle" are not useable. They have a different visual appearance. Can't be used in any crafting combos or filled with water, wine, etc.

16. Niggel beer says 100% chance to get drunk, but is only rolling 30%. Important because drunk state increases luck, for searching boxes, and impossible to set drunk state with geared character @ 30%.

17. Misleading tool tip: Light stepper (only 2 for trap detection), but also applies to detecting secrets.