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Don't talk to me. Piss off Troll.

I have seen this far too many times - you are the one coming across as the troll.

Really? How do you figure that? I don't discuss with Gyson anymore. I even explained to him that his continued responses to me will be of the same, that I won't be roped into another drawn out argument of fallacies of his. So, as long as he doesn't respond to me, we have no issues.

A troll seeks to create conflict. They thrive on it. They are like a devious child poking a cat with a stick to see it howl. I ask for no conflict, the ball is entirely in his court. I have asked him to stop responding to me and it should be as simple as that if he wishes to avoid trolling. Remember, Gyson is the one with the stick. If you see those responses often, it isn't because I am the problem here, it is because Gyson wishes to see that conflict.

So think again who is the troll here, who is the one seeking conflict. /shrug

By telling them to 'piss off' whatever they say, sensible or not, I think you needed to look in the mirror. Anyway, you say you have now ignored them so maybe we can get back to the topic at hand.

That said, some sort of camping out would be nice to see as an option, but maybe when they bring in the day/night cycle (if they do).

Gaming dinosaur!!