This is just a thread to share the funniest moments of the game for you. As you can guess - spoilers here! So stay clear until you've finished the game!

From the world:

- Goblin village "Dance for me goblins! Now rest and drink spirit wine!", then you go underground and find out how the totem speaks and you go "Shower the Source Hunter with gifts" lol
- That little troll in Father and Son quest

From gameplay:

- Buffed my warrior for a flurry attack, oath of desecration + rage + power stance + haste and max AP with glass cannon, charges... trips over the ice in front of the enemy where my ice elemental died! Pissed me off but cracked me up at the same time!
- Summoned a spider right in front of an archer, he shoots a poisoncloud arrow at it and poisons himself, then shoots an explosive arrow at it lol