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Joined: Feb 2010

So, instead of complaining about what I think is a slow down issue, I'm hoping somebody can either instruct me how to do this or create a mod that can do the following:

The Issue (to me):
The vast majority of containers (barrels, crates etc) contain absolutely nothing. I'm one of those gamers that feels the need deep down inside of my soul almost to check every possible container that I can check to see if there is anything at all inside. I don't particularly want to find great loot all over the place but I do wish to be rewarded for going out of my way to check every last container possible.

Possible Solution (Hopefully can be modded in):
Add a random piece of junk to every container, or add just a gold piece or two to any containers that will otherwise contain nothing.

As I understand the game, the loot in the containers is generated when we open the container which is why I'm hoping it would be possible that something like:

If container = no loot then add (random amount) random amount of gold between 1 and 3 or add junk from a list of junk items who's value would also be between 1 and 3 gold when selling them.

If the container does have loot determined to be put in them upon opening it then that would of course take precedence over adding anything to it.

Is this possible, if so, how? Or even better since I have 0 coding skills (but am pretty darn good at using map editors to create landscapes and environments to play in) maybe somebody could create a mod such as this for anybody that also feels the need to use it.


Joined: Jul 2014
Joined: Jul 2014
There is a better loot mod. You could use that as a framework to see what they did, and copy on from that.

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