I'm not too far in to the game (purposely) as I've been waiting on patches. But I wanted to share some suggestions I had so far:

1. Item adornments (boost stats)

There's a lot of recipes for making items like "crab claw helms" and the like. But these are very basic items, some of which aren't even possible to make, until they are outdated.

I think crab claws, lucky rabbit feet, antlers, etc, should usable as adornments to affix to existing items, that boost the actual item, instead of replacing the item with a very basic one. (E.g. like void essence does). Limit 1 adornment per item of course.

Granted the game isn't likely balanced to accomodate this type of stat-flation, but it's something to think about long-term as you continue to expand / develop this platform. Also, along those lines, higher grade items should offer better enchantments than lower ones (e.g. rat tail vs long rat tail).

2. Crafting, not something to do with a mule.

I know a lot of games do it. Let you get a henchman and just pump stats into their crafting. He's not even really a member of your party, just someone who sits in a lodge, and levels up when you do.

I'm not going to propose anything too particular. But I wasn't thrilled with this. There's an epic journey across the world, different races, etc, it'd be nice to see crafting more intimately tied to your journey. Gaining knowledge from remote parts, based on the choices you made, perhaps tutelage even, and combining that with other pieces of knowledge you've gained.

For instance, you combine special knowledge gained from an orc weaponsmith for making axes and dwarven metallurgist, to create your own brand of axe. Your mule who just sat in the lodge wasn't there receive this knowledge, so even though he's pumped his crafting, he doesn't know how to make these types of items.

3. Resistances

Being able to reach resistances high enough that we get healed from multiple elements seems a bit gimmicky. Especially for those of us hoping to increase the difficulty on the hard settings.

The way you approached your resistance formula is to add the numbers, and that invites you to interpret what happens when resistances reach 100% or higher. Immunity? Healing?

Some games multiply resistances, so if you have two 50% fire resist items, you actually have 75% resistance, not 100%. This allows players to continually improve their resistance by adding stronger items without ever truly becoming immune. This way, getting your butt teleported into lava will always represent a threat, maybe not instant death, but a threat, that can be survived only if highly mitigated (usually boosted by temporary buffs).

Immunity to certain elements could be reserved for special creatures like fire elementals.


Well that's it for now... Great game, and I only offer the feed back in the hopes you may find it of some use to continue to improve this platform.