Hi guys,

I'm really not a political guy and I've only done 2-4 post regarding politics in the forums. I think this needs attention for all the internet users out there though....

I have read an article recently about a PR firm called rantic on how they manipulated millions of people into believing a fabrication that Emma Watson had leaked nudes from 4chan. Their goal is to increase censorship within the internet. I don't like 4chan, but the message is clear, they are trying to censor the internet. Links below for your reference.

A new movement called #shutdownrantic was coined during rantic's reveal.


http://mashable.com/2014/09/24/emma-watson-nude-leak-viral-marketing/ (the whole picture of what happened)
http://www.timesofpol.com/how-rantic-pr-fooled-the-guardian-with-fake-emma-watson-nude-leaks/ (a step by step investigation of a journalist regarding the events)


I'm hoping for your support guys. Let's advocate freedom of speech. Any thoughts on this are welcome.

"There is no such thing as absolute freedom because we are still prisoners of society"