Hey all! I decided to make a public Discord server for those who want to get into some instant messaging with one another, find party members and stuff like that!

~Link (channels are a work in progress. I'll add/change as I go)~

Those who are wondering what Discord is, I'll explain it a bit.
[Linked Image]

It was created by a team of devs tired of TeamSpeak and Skype. Let's face it. Skype's gone to hell and TeamSpeak looks like it was made for Windows 98.

What Discord offers:
  • Free server setup. Type a name and it's ready to go.
  • Browser client with no registration required to try!
  • Low CPU, bandwith and latency
  • IP and DDoS protection
  • Individual volume control
  • Modern text chat with separate voice channels
  • Permissions
  • More on the way! (we should be seeing an in-game overlay within the next few updates)

Elven engineer at your service!
Come join the Discord server for chat and other stuff!
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