Controller mode is excellent, please give all those responsible a bonus in this month's pay packet.

Anyway, here's some suggestions to make it even better;

1. When cycling through targets with LB/RB, please cycle in distance order instead of turn order.

2. Allow cycling through targets when aiming a skill

3. Allow me to back out of a conversation by pressing B

4. I'm finding it hard to initiate a conversation with fidgety moving NPCs. Maybe consider having NPCs stop moving and face the player character if I get really close? or prioritise selecting NPCs over items. I got chucked in prison because I accidentally stole something trying to talk to an NPC!!

5. I'd like to read the battle log but it disappears so quickly! Maybe an option to keep it onscreen? The battle log from the Log menu doesn't update in real time either.

6. When I lay down a custom marker on the map it prompts me to type a name. I can't say I really want to reach for the keyboard every time I want to place a customer maker. I'd like to be able to create a nameless marker with the controller.


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