I love DOS1.

Basically these are requests that might enhance the next game be it they are even feasible.

- NPC's such as vendors in the center square repeat their dialog way too much. These NPC's have the Dragon's Dogma NPC's beat. Please make this occur randomly and at much higher intervals.

- allow LB/RB on controller also cycle through enemy targets while casting spells. Thus, let the destination serve as a starting point that can then be fine tuned w/analog stick just before casting (such as for AOE spells).

- consider making LB/RB cycle enemy targets for melee chars: starting closest to furthest and for range: furthest to closest

- For me, levels 4-6ish are the worst levels because you have to bounce around all over the map to find the proper fights. Part of this is that game seems to want you to concentrate more on specific quests and in a certain order. Nothing seemed to change on this front with EE.

- I would prefer a separation of Abilities, namely Craftsmanship and Nasty Deeds, in that they don't require per level points to advance. Perhaps each rank is level capped and requires a skill vendor/trainer.

- allow controller B to exit dialog, make A become take all from container instead of Y

- vendor sell screens don't have the more options menu enabled, such as send to character / equip.

You are welcome to dispute, reinforce, add your own as you see fit.

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