I have played through once solo and once in a group. I hate super long posts so I will just summarize without a bunch of justifications and annoying facts:


Walk it off: negates itself by reducing buffs

Zombie: this would be fine except if you hit the bedroll to refill everyone's health after a fight (love this) it kills you, instantly. If modern media has taught me anything it's zombies sleep until someone steps on a branch or a fraternity girl decides to skinny dip. I wouldn't mind if it just ignored the zombie character, but killing them for taking a nap is a bit...harsh

Glass Cannon: Very strong again, trading resistance to early battle charm, stun, etc for getting an extra spell or two off at the start of a fight. This however becomes a really big issue when after I took it NPC's seemed to recognize this and targeted that character first every. single. time. Not sure if NPC's just have a really high lore skill or what, but it's annoying.


These look much awesomer-er than in the first one!
--Fire spells do less damage than walking through fire on the ground. A fireball to the face should not do less damage than walking over hot coals.

--Ice spells are powerful, almost too powerful, but not being able to spike my boots (at least I haven't figured out how yet, combining nails and boots does nothing) have made these much more of an annoyance to me than a benefit. This has yet again made it difficult to justify more than one face-tank melee in a party

--Necromancy is really well done so far, rain of blood+leech is a no brainer (heh) even with the low health returns on leech. Maybe add a second level to leech called "Sparkle Vampire" or something that heals for a more noticeable amount.


AI for pathing needs a touch up, more than once I have had NPC's kill themselves by running through fire they laid down themselves.

The AOE effect range of spells is smaller than what is displayed before you cast the spell. This is inconsistent, sometimes it's one hex larger, sometimes its almost a third. I dont know how many times I have frozen my tank on accident.

Range>>melee again. Yes it is a trade-off armor for power, but it is even more glaring now than in the previous game.

Archery sucks until it doesn't. At first I was considering turning my psycho elf chick into a back stabber or caster, then suddenly she started out damaging everyone. It wasn't a gradual increase either. She went from peashooter to a BAR. It was a bit jarring. Maybe make marksman a little more effective and the weapon damage a little less?

NPC's seem to start with full action points every single time.

I will update this as I play some more smile