I'm not to fond of how the dynamic camera works. It move from NPC to NPC far to quickly. If I attack someone and its the last thing I do, i miss the effect my attacks have on my target because the camera quickly moves on to the next one in queue. Same if a NPC attacks one of my characters. It snaps to the next NPC way to fast for me to see anything. (This was also a problem for me in the first game.)

If I turn the dynamic camera of I might mistake whoever is next in line from the NPC's and I miss their attack. Sometimes they attack so fast I don't have time to click on their portrait. Sure, there is a written prompt on the screen on who does what but I'd like to see it instead. It's a visual game after all and not a old texted base game from the days of the Commadore 64. wink

So I suggest two things.

Either have the dynamic camera on a timer, lets say 2-3 seconds before it moves to the next NPC in line. That way we have chance to see the visual effects of their attack before the next NPC makes his move.

Or, let us, the players, control when the NPC does their attack with a keypress. Why not keep it simple and use the spacebar for that, just as we use it to end our characters turn?

Or as a third option, why not both and we can choose in the options meny what we prefer best? If there is one thing I've learned from years of gaming its that the more options there are in a game, the more players can get the experience they want.

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