Playing as the Red Prince, I gave Griff the orange, and pointed Stingtail as the thief. I killed Silence and saved him after, but now he just won't accept the overpriced drudanae I get from Griff. I haven't gotten far enough into the story to find more drudanae, so I can't test this sadly.

I did notice that after giving the loaded orange to Griff, the orange still remained in my inventory. It could be opened as a container, and it was empty, when I tried putting some drudanae in it, it disappeared without a trace from my inventory. The drudanae remained as an item.

So, this is a bug. I'm not sure how serious though. Has anyone had this happen and did you try talking to Bahara and see if the quest still kept going? Did it work? Or am I SOL until Larian patches the quest?