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Joined: May 2015
Hey forums, I tested the GM mode and while it's a neat feature it kinda feels lacking in a lot of quality of life stuff.

I think I can give quite valuable critic and insight because I'm an experienced modder. Mostly for ArmA to be honest here, but it features a similar feeling "GM" mode called "Zeus" where a player is editing a Mission in realtime for the others to enjoy. I'm also a forever master for a 5 man The Dark Eye group for about 6 years now.

Anyway, here's the list.

  • Vignettes
    - Custom transparency and background color for the textboxes
    - Make it possible to move the text boxes around freely
    - An Option to hide them completely

    Vignettes are a great tool to provide visual stimuli and impressions to the players. Sometimes I just use them so my Players can focus on something while I talk and narrate.
  • Maps
    - Allow us to change the picture of pins and the group icon

    I'm quite happy with the overview map so far. They feel great but sometimes the yellow pins are a bit distracting and don't blend in well with the background.
  • In-Game
    Item Generation
    - Allow us to make custom potions and food
    - Let us change the scaling stat of a weapon/armor category. Ergo Spears that use STR e.t.c.
    - Changeable requirements for generated equipment

    - GM Volume Slider so I can make sure a player is hearing something and how loud he's hearing something
    - Allow for easier implementation of custom sounds and music
    - "Changing"-Timer between different background musics similar to the lighting and weather timer

    - Possibility for custom "skills" by changing damage type, scaling, range e.t.c. of existing spells.

    Groups and Movement
    - Allow basic movement commands without pocessing a character ergo strategy-like rightclick commands even for groups of enemies

    - Make it possible to design basic Dialogue trees on the fly
    - Give the option to let NPC's "say" something or have conversations similar to the hovering white text above their head in the main campaign.

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Joined: Sep 2016
Location: Ireland
Joined: Sep 2016
Location: Ireland
Would Love these options, especially creating patrol routes between points on the fly that NPCs walk between, that would allow people to create some life in areas, instead of everyone standing around, or having to use the editor to do so

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