While I have 0 points into Aerotheurge (and 0 from any bonus) and 0 points into Hydrosophist (and 0 from any bonus) I can equip the gloves of teleportation and the Teleportation skill is granted to my character and functions normally. However, if I equip an item (in this case a pair of gloves) that grants the skill Restoration in the aforementioned scenario the skill is greyed out and does not function.

In both instances I already have the skill available (learned) and not memorized before equipping said items. I do not know if there is a way to "unlearn" a skill (legitimately) to test that scenario.

Additionally, using the same scenario above regarding skill points with the condition that I also have 0 points into Warfare (and 0 from any bonus) inserting a Source Orb into my helm grants me the skill Mass Cleanse Wounds and it functions normally.

Notes: I used the Mirror to remove points for this testing. I tried removing and reequipping the equipment both before and after using the mirror and the result for me was the same. I noticed that when I removed an equipment that grants a skill if I already have the skill available it automatically adds it to my memorized list. Removing or leaving that skill in the memorized list did not affect the results. Removing all equipment and saving/reloading and then reequipping had no affect on the results.

Please let me know if any additional information will be helpful. I will also keep a save-game at this point.

If anyone can clarify why some skills are granted for "free" and some are not that would be very helpful. Thank you!

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