During the fight with Dallas on the lady vengeance after leaving fort joy I thought I would be clever. It seems to have back-fired on me. This happened with a solo character.

I teleported Malady to Dallas' ship and then used two teleport scrolls to move Dallas and the hooded figure to The Lady Vengeance. I then flew (spread your wings) over to Dallas' ship and positioned myself so the enemies couldn't see me and finished the "fight" without much trouble. We stayed on Dallas' ship until Malady transported us to the Hall of Echoes.

Fast forward to after the scene at the Hall of Echoes with the Gods and Malady appears to be absent from The Lady Vengeance. It makes sense from a reality perspective; however, this leaves me trapped on The Lady Vengeance in the Hall of Echoes with seemingly no way out.

For now I will keep a save-game at this point and revert back to the fight and find a different way to complete it.

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