1. Sry for my bad english
2. The game is fantastic for me - i love it
3. I'm currently at lvl 14 , doing quests at Reaper's coast and i have 152 hours in game

After i left Fort joy i'm picked up Sebille, Ifan and Beast (i have a costume character). Today i would have to use any other original mercenaries (Fane, Lohse, Red Prince) but i can't find them on the ship neither on the Reaper's coast...
A question: What's with them?
I'm bought mercenaries from the trader but she has just a one race: lizard....(why?)who disappeared when i dismissed him..

I'm played DOS EE and there was more mercenaries - they never disapperaed and i was use them whenever i wanted to.
Suggestion 1.: Please make this possibility in this game to.
Suggestion 2.: Please make more race (undead,human ect) to trader.
Thank you

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