Pro: This was a fantastic new challenge. I really enjoyed the concept. Instead of bulldozing my way through, I had to be economic with my blessings and plan it out. I really enjoyed changing it up.

Con: It was absolutely RUINED by the pilgrams, guards, etc, all joining into the fight. I've restarted it twice now. Not because it's difficult - in fact I kind of enjoy that the guards/pilgrams have no idea how to fight the revanant. In an RPG sense, it shows how you, the Godwoken, are uniquely positioned to save them. But each one taking 5-15 seconds to decide how they'll basically do nothing worthwhile is ... taxing on the patience. It's just not fun.

Everytime I restart to try and not get them pulled in, not because of the difficulty, but because it just makes the whole fight slow to a stop.