I'm in the arx chapter.

I have not yet entered the way of blood (I know what it is because I spoke to the toymaker and explored Arhu quarters (he is missing and I thought killing Kemm would unlock a clue to his wereabouts... I was wrong)).

I went back to Kemm house to check if I could find a cat since I suppose Arhu from DOS 1 is the same and Arhu does like to turn into a cat! (And same thing is said in the game by a NPC i talked to.)

I noticed when I Tp'd back to the main square portal that a quest (in french: "les erreurs du passé") was appearing in my diary about someone locked in a cage...
I noticed 3 updates at the same time of the same quest:
each of the 3 first updates are at day 17 - hour 7h42

I didn't notice that Karon kid.

I walked to Kemm house, and in the little square in front of it (where there are merchants selling items for as much as 100K + gold and those items seem quite bad) a group of bad peoples was there. Some Karon guy and his followers, undead.

I killed them (see log diary screenshot for more details) and it closed the quest.

I still don't get what it was, but whatever. (It seemed strange because everyone of this group of enemy did NOT bring XP when killed).


After searching for a clue in Kemm's house, I tp'd in the hall of echoes to speak to NPC and see trade product before entering the cathedral and do the path of blood (which I think may be the final step but i'm not sure).

When I enter the Hall of echeoes TP , I notice an update in the quest "la chute du marteau" (fall of the hammer, the quest about finding Dallis).

I read it and it says: "we are in front of the path of blood. Will be worthy to pass"...


HUUUH no ? i have not gone there yet?
why do my diary says so?


I located the Kemm secret basement and went to the last place with the
altar of the god king
(before killing Kemm). I had the dialogue with it, as he asked I drop my investigation or whatever. Refused.

I do not understand why the quest is not over since apparently when I trigger the panel on the ground in front of it, it says "only the god king knows responsability" (in french it says: "seul le dieu-roi connait la responsabilité" or something like that). I don't know what is yet to find.

Maybe I'm wrong on this one however.

For the 2 first quest, I have no idea what happened.

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