So I am working on finishing up a major feature for my SkillBuilder, and part of it is making it so the common functionality of a module can exist as a singleton instead of having multiple namespaced files doing the same thing, in the interest of keeping everything as minimal as possible.

I was hoping if I just spit out a file that would be identical between mods, should multiple mods use my tool, that it would just overwrite itself, and in-game this might be happening but I'm not certain.

However, in the editor it will prevent the project from building, complaining about duplicate variable and event names if you have a dependency on a project with this common code in it.

So I was wondering if anyone knows, what do I do in this situation? Am I fine to just completely ignore this and tell people making dependant projects to just delete the duplicate script from dependant projects so it will compile since it doesn't affect anything ingame? Or is there a better way to do this? (I would prefer to not have to require people to install a "library" mod)