I just finished DOS2 with lone wolf character. I wanted to max out their level since I finished a prior game at lvl 21. So I pretty much depopulated each island before leaving it, but missed out on some experience due to not having pet pal and also due to some spirits unwilling/unable (bug?) to talk to undead (my party).

I ended up just short of lvl 23 before final battle, and hit level 23 during final battle. (I also got 55k after final battle/end scenes, by dropping a deathfog barrel on Mr. Smug...dropping him before he can vanish -- he deserved it for his condescending attitude.)

Anyway, final stats:

Lvl 23
Hit Points: 52,511
Armor (Phys/mag): 10k / 5.4k
Str: 83
Melee damage: 9270-10256

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