Not sure if this is bug or intentional..but it caused me to miss out on a number of quests.

I had an all-undead 2-man Lone-wolf party. When I cast spell to view spirits, some would talk to me but many were not clickable as choice for speech action.

The same spirits I was able to talk to in prior runs.

Examples: In the academy library, 5-6 spirts were visible. The only one that would talk to me is the one that paces around showing you the switch locations. All the other ones including some quest givers like the separated lovers did not have speech options.

Also in the academy arena, the spirit of the bird would not talk to me either, even though I still did the arena...I chalked that one up to maybe due to not having pet pal, though I thought I spoke with him before without pet pal. But that does not explain all the other spirits that would not talk to me.

Is this possibly due to spirits not willing to talk to the undead (which is all I had in my party) or is it maybe a bug?