I've encountered a bug with the mirror that let you modify your charater on lady vengeance, i'm playing with a friend, I double-clicked on his portrait to track his character then he entered the mirror and then while my friend was modifying his character my camera showed me an unknown place that seems to be the character creation room (Important : the camera need to be locked/tracked on the other charater) then I , modify my character and my friend tried to tp'ed on me ; and it worked lol
then i quited the editing of my character and tp'ed on him we were two on the character creation room where there is few rats and a bier barrolthen we used pheonix dive to the side and got to a place where there was a lot of textures or character background (idk) and four npc called 'new human female charater', we killed them xD
then I on lady vengeance again, entered in the mirror and my friend tp'ed again on me and killed me to see what would happen we're playing on honour so the game should've save when i died, but it wasn't the case instead i quitted the mirror and the game was consediring me dead but alive at the same time weird.

we can redo this bug anytime so it wasnt pure luck.

Sorry for my english (i'm french)







I just want remote this bug to dev for the next hotfixes,
Thx larian for ur great work.