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Joined: Dec 2017
After several weeks of learning the Divinity Engine 2, building the mod and playtesting, Candle in the Dark is officially released!

Candle in the Dark

Version: v1.10

Custom Standalone Adventure by BowShatter

Steam Workshop Link:

Nexus Workshop Link:

Original Custom Module from Neverwinter Nights:

Install Instructions

1. Unzip the RAR archive to retrieve the .pak file.

2. Drop the .pak file into the following directory, Documents>Larian Studios>Divnity Original Sin 2>Mods

3. In DOS2, in Story, change Adventure selected to "Candledark" and start playing. Have fun!

Make sure to deactivate mods as they might result in serious bugs! (unless you know for sure they are safe)

Game Details

No. of Players: 1-4 Player Characters (PCs).

Companions: 2 Humans - Elsa (2H Warfare/Pyro/Bartering) and Vincent (1H Warfare/Hydro/Loremaster)

Party Size: 4 (includes companions)

Mode: Both Singleplayer and Multiplayer, but some triggers are exclusive to the first PC entering it.

Estimated Playtime: 3-5 Hours

Starting Level: 1

Ending Level: 6

Difficulty: Classic (Easy), Tactician or Honour (Intended Difficulty)

Races: Any living race will do. Human is ideal for story reasons. Strictly no Undead.

Misc: It is advised that you have played DOS2 main campaign or at least Fort Joy before and are familiar with its mechanics.

Notes: Pet Pal is not supported, but there is another obvious way to speak to animals in the mod.

Notable Features

- Most humanoid enemies will drop all the gear that they are visibly wearing.

- Traders will restock their shop inventory just by asking them to.

- New custom and returning DOS1 Skills/Spells for all skill trees, sold by a dedicated merchant.

- Special weapons, such as fist weapons and elemental daggers.

Original Synopsis:

The village of Shadowrock labors under the yoke of unknown evils that walk the night mists, leaving the corpses of villagers for the morning light.
They are the victims of a strange plague which has always haunted this sleepy valley, and so it has ever been say the Shadowrock elders.
You have lived unquestioning like the rest, surrendering the dead to the Gravekeeper who watches the forbidden tombs of the forest.

Then one morning everything changes when the dreaded night ills strike your own family down.
A road of fateful decisions, whispered questions and bloody vengeance lies ahead.
With all the forces aligned against your struggle, you are but a candle in the dark.

Expected Issues:

Since this is my first ever adventure mod in DOS2, there will bound to be bugs (especially textures and terrain), though nothing too game breaking.
Be sure to save often just in case. The Divinity Engine 2 has some weird quirks as of current build.

[Linked Image]

[Linked Image]

[Linked Image]

[Linked Image]

[Linked Image]

[Linked Image]

[Linked Image]

[Linked Image]

Larian Studios for making the editor available.
Robert and Donna Burson for making the original mod.
LaughingLeader for coding help.
Windemere RPG for his in-depth Video Tutorial Series on YouTube.
Dima01 for his Video Tutorials especially the one regarding enemies approaching, talking, then attacking.
Scottworld for his Video Tutorial on how to create Companions.
Luckless Yilas for his encouragement, initial playtesting, bug spotting, ideas and being a good friend.
ohgodhwhydidIjoin for first playtest feedback.
Damashi The Kaotic for his playtest.
VoidInsanity for his harsh yet constructive criticism on area design.
MAHak for his advice, encouragement and some playtesting.

If you feel like you've contributed to this mod, but are not credited, inform me and I will update the list.

Finally, I'd like to thank you for playing, if you do download and play it.



v1.10 (Release)
- Made some changes to the Village to look more visually acceptable.
- Overhauled the area design and encounters in the Forest.
- Slight visual changes to the Graveyard.
- Corpses added near Bazial as a display of his power.
- New NPCs with mini quests added: Kalyson (Bird) and Pavel (Dog)
- Three new unique equipment added: Eagle's Eye (Ring), Zweihander and Hunter's Companion
- Extra enemies added to the Lycan Forest
- Slither Cave is now darker, but with torches.
- Added spell: Global Warming
- Fixed Peddler selling enemy loot in his standard treasure table.
- Pard and Thea now reacts to Werewolf Form.
- Slight XP adjustments to account for greater number of enemies.
- Enemies now use some of the new spells.
- Enemy armor looted now is properly coloured.
- Terrain for all areas tweaked.
- Visual effect of Ice Shard changed.
- Companions should no longer gain illegal attribute points when loading a save every new level.
- Howl of Terror magic damage nerfed by 30%.

- All Class Presets for Living Races now start with Civilian Clothes.
- Intro Dialogue is now much longer and explains the narrative.
- More NPCs will now acknowledge on your alternate appearance.
- Some terrain textures fixed.
- Kesa's dialogue has been entirely overhauled.
- Sleeping bags added near the river under a tree.
- Peddler now sells backpacks of different icons for inventory management.
- Peddler's faction now set to Neutral to the player (until you bribe him through trade).
- Vincent no longer incorrectly thinks you didn't hire him.
- Vincent's and Elsa's comments on your alternate appearance have been rewritten.
- Vincent and Elsa will no longer trigger a player-only conversation in the village.
- Vincent and Elsa now both start with Encourage since they are Human.
- Townsfolk and Militia have been given their own neutral faction to avoid combat issues when attacking them.
- Rending Bite range has been reduced.
- Extra crafting ingredients added to merchants.

Public Test Released Version

Public Test Pre-Release

Known Issues:
- Companions cannot be rehired after being dismissed.
- Companions may receive random stat boosts when they level up.
- Cannot exit Werewolf state while in Yeva's House. (???)
- Mods that change the main DoS2 campaign are incompatible and will cause serious bugs.

Last edited by BowShatter; 08/04/18 07:26 PM.
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old hand
old hand
Joined: Dec 2013
Congrats! I'm looking forward to playing this, great to see you cross the finish line!

DOS2 Mods: Happily Emmie After and The Noisy Crypt

Steam Workshop
Nexus Mods
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Joined: Dec 2017
As I mentioned before, thanks for the tutorials! It feels to good to finally finish developing this adventure mod, though there are some stuff still left to polish up.

Joined: Jan 2018
Joined: Jan 2018
Very good mod. I liked the mix of combat and exploration in the last castle it really felt like I was sneaking in some villain's lair with the traps and setting.
I have only two suggestions : it's to make the totems immune to the battle stomp stun in the last fight.

My other suggestion is lighting improvements. I'm not sure how you did it in the divinity engine but it looked like the game had a grey fog even in interiors (cf first pic)
[Linked Image]

In the spider's forest it was pretty hard to see the characters with the shadows and light (maybe a more warm color for the "sun" light probe would help a bit)
I know the gamemaster mode has a pretty good "atmosphere lighting" setting but I'm not sure if it's that good in the engine itself to use.

In the west of the main divinity campaign there is a forest area with different lighting effects that set the tone.
[Linked Image]
In your forest I think the shadows are a bit too sharp and dark it doesn't do justice to the graphics.

Overall if the main complain is lighting it's because your mod is really great. Thank you for sharing it cheer

Joined: Dec 2017
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Joined: Dec 2017
Hey tharos47, thanks for playing my mod and I'm glad you enjoyed it!

About the lighting, I agree it could be much better. I used only the Atmosphere Settings provided, not knowing that I could tweak them further until you mentioned it. I'll look into that once I get the time, bit busy with academics these days.

Joined: Nov 2017
Joined: Nov 2017
Very Cool!

Thank you for making this, I've been looking for more campaigns to play.

I made a small standalone campaign mod for DOS2, 'Treasure Hunters!
Mostly I make music:

Fav RPG games: Bard's Tale, Baldur's Gate, Neverwinter Nights, D&D Gold Box, Diablo, Divinity Original Sin.

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