cant wait three years until there is a new selection for an application
the urgency is Now as i am a disabled person with autism with torments in the past and pressing health issues. Those will be get fixed but i need to go several times to ye close painklinik st lucas at ghent.
OInly i want to explain my case how i see myself fit in this organisation. I bumded sveral times against the automated registering apparatius called email (dreaded invention of the future)
and i cant write a letter with inkt and paper. I want to work at home for myself
this is not a sollicition but a play for help or mercy. Or how to start my own kickstarter what other options i have
i want to present my case of own world i put in head while i was bulled and now during this virus
i stay at home working for my mother she is almost 80 and helping her.
I have been conflicted with dizzy spells , fatigue and

ti have been gaming since iam 12 and doing it for 40 trs, self dabbling myself in drawing and some BASIC programming that came out some game issues, spend my earlu cash on magazines sich as pc gamer with cd's or even floppy disks
self intriged by the gameworld wrongy went to a computer school but still want to go to a draw school as this existed in my time for illustrations, comics but i went to highschool for computing skills
I need info about how to jumpstart my own project or help from a sponsor or some advice by people who are used to use kickstarter i also could use lego to build my work because i cant work with a computersystem with cad design or outsourced. I rather present to you because we belgians must help each other

i also made seveal 10 of drawings which must be put in some computerized . i cant drive , can use publi transport but vry fatueged and bound to concentration problem and inneed of rest peroids in bed or on yogamat

Victorvndoom not afflicated to marvel comics
Love intressed in namesake with o between v and n
I been torment with autism al my live
Pain is nothing to doom doom is just a man
Favorite comic exert
Gamer for life lot of fantasy in head

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