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Joined: Oct 2020
Hello! First of all, super excited about this game's full release, and even more so after finishing the early access after 33.1 hours - Feel free to comment on more bugs below so that we can help further develop the game/fix the issues that crop up. I do my VERY best to not have any duplicates but if something slips in please forgive me and if possible let me know.


- Put the game in Fake Fullscreen (Regular fullscreen had weird pixelation graphic effects).
- Use Direct X11 instead of Vulcan (I experienced fewer crashes, graphical issues, and more)[They are still there, don't kid yourself.

- All equipment should be shown on each character (I just prefer this).
- Nat 20 could have some special damage/kill animations/effects or ability that happens due to the crit.
- Either more & better-looking face presets or the ability to use sliders to adjust the cheeks/nose/eyes/etc. (Though I feel this one will come with time naturally).
- When holding alt show EVERYTHING in the area. (You could also add a combo key for exp: Alt + R or something).
- Ability for the camera to track & follow the player.
- Have the party follow more closely. They always linger behind.
- More backgrounds (And maybe make them more detailed too). Allow for the creation of a "Custom" Background.
- Please add the ability to bring up the companion being a Vampire. I literally the entire time since the second I saw him knew. It felt so out of place when I "found out", and STILL didn't have the option to be like "Yeah, I knew already" or "I thought so". (Made me feel like in this one instance the game thought of everyone as an idiot. I encountered a few things where I was like. Yeah, I know. I don't mind that. I just wish there were dialogue options to allow me to come to conclusions on my own when (IMO) it was blatantly obvious. (Apparently you CAN and MAY need to hit specifc dialgoue & skill checks for this. Someone please verify).
- Allow auto jumping when in exploration mode, and make it manual when in combat.
- Ability to hide your helmet for all player companions & mc.
- Have the ability to "auto-win" dice rolls where you could not possibly fail.
- Access ALL party members' inventory as well as every other window/page since they are all there at camp.
- Allow space to SKIP dialogue/cutscenes but NOT select a dialogue option. (Because of crashes/accidental reloads this is a pain when I accidentally press space ONE time too many).
- Don't let ai hop-off roofs/etc unless otherwise told to.
- We need sounds for things in cutscenes. (Torture, stomping feet, picking things up, moving, hitting things/others, and more. It just feels empty and immersion-breaking right now).
- Add a scroll up/down with the scroll wheel for the quest window
- Let us hear the dialogue of our companions chattering when not directly hovering over them during exploration.
- Better camera controls (Vertical, horizontal & overall).
- This is definitely because of other games I have played, but maybe an Overwatch ability for either specific classes or for ranged weapons.
- Camp attacks.
- Random encounters.
- Symbols or colors for/next to dialogue that showcases when your character is supposed to be saying something in with different emotions (This helps when the main character is not voicing and players like myself voice our own. This can be hard because dialogue can be read in multiple ways). I need to know when I am trying to sound insulting/sad/etc.
- More "Interactive" dialogue/cutscenes like when meeting Astarion the first time. That was super cool but sadly didn't happen enough.
- Allow companions more chances to share their thoughts & opinions in dialogue & at camp. (Specifically during whatever is happening at the moment of dialogue --> Voice approval or not & At camp maybe go into more dialogue about what has happened and how they felt about each step of the way). - more banters between party members, pc, and npcs.
- Allow for either an animation of using a crystal to teleport to camp or a loading screen or cinematic of your group traveling to camp. (It's an immersion-breaking thing right now).
- Give some reason at some point for WHY YOU become the apparent "leader" or "decision-maker" of this group.
- For the love of god please give a reasonable excuse as to WHY we would do anything other than the main quest and anything tied directly to it. (There is literally NO roleplay reason that logically makes sense as to why you would do anything else & it made me constantly feel like I was doing something wrong & it broke my immersion).
- Add more incentive to interact with the companions. It is VERY easy to not want to talk to them at all or stop talking to them because they DONT want to talk to you UNTIL you get to know them more. Which well, requires you to talk to them...We need more time to develop with these characters (Like whole separate character stories from the main path).
- Maybe add a cover system.
- While I DID play 33 hours before completing Act 1 I don't feel like that was anywhere near enough time to bond with my companions & it also feels like the story barely progresses. While I really liked what I saw this makes me worry about the last two arcs. Each arc after REALLY should be at least the same size or bigger in terms of content.
- I strongly encourage story and gameplay for our origins. Basically how you got captured by the mind flayers & options to define who you are at the start (Think Cyberpunk 2077 Lifepaths or Bannerlords Singleplayer beginning). The beginning makes you feel less important than your companions with their strong backstories (Once you actually figure them out) and you don't REALLY know WHO you were or are. But that is the thing. You shouldn't have to figure yourself out, just define who you become.
- IF/WHEN you make expansions/DLC PLEASE for the love of god have it expand the MC story not just beside stories to NPCs or your companions. The only time this is acceptable is if their stories get expanded on and your MC is there to experience it with them IMO.
- Maybe add something explaining the ramifications of using the illithid powers (Unless this is something that eventually comes into play in which I think is very likely. I never actually used the powers as I was worried about the effect).
- Have the skill checks in dialogue be compared against the highest party members relevant skilled.
- The ability to have a "sell all junk" button.
- Non-violent dialogue doesn't grant xp.
- In the character creator, show us what features and abilities you will get at higher levels. Impossible to plan head as it is right now unless you're intimately familiar with the DnD rules.
- Let me rotate my characters in the inventory screen. I want to look at my new fancy armor!
- It's very finicky to rearrange character portraits and split and regroup characters. Needs to be improved. For example, a "chain all"/"unchain all" button would be welcomed.
- Party size: 4 is too restrictive. Max party size should be the max number of companions with story arcs. This is for purposes of gameplay as well as for those who want to pursue all companions' stories in one playthrough. The game can STILL vary largely due to all of the choices made throughout the game. ( I would say AT LEAST the number of the origin companions but higher if there is more companions that have their own story later in the game. Honestly I would be okay with the game either getting harder or easier because of this. No matter what when/if difficulty shows up I will be playing a difficulty that gives me a challenge but still be able to enjoy the story and game. Being able to choose to expand the party limit should be an option even if there is risk of the game being easier or harder because of that). A mod for Divinity Original Sin 2 allows up to 10. This may seem excessive, and it very well could be on easy difficulties. But I put it on Tactician mode and added a mod to make the difficulty even harder. I NEED the 7 I currently have. I STILL have members being wiped and have even been party wiped more than a few times. The point here is. Let people enjoy the full story of each arc making their own decisions. People can then REPLAY making entirely different decisions which I am sure you have all planned for. If people want to make the game easier or harder let them.
- Empty containers: Why? Why so many empty containers/chests/bookshelves/etc all over the place if there will be 90% of the time, nothing in them.
- Another thing to see is if the MC gets in an argument with the NPC he's talking to and starts fighting (ex: when you encounter Astarion), the other party members just stand there expressionless doing nothing.
- If a fight ends with a fallen companion, don't exit turn-based mode. Selecting companions and issuing commands is delayed as hell and clunky giving it enough time for people to die because of this.
- Please make it so I can cancel a concentration effect. If I cast a fog cloud in a room during a fight and want to loot it afterward I should be able to simply cancel the effect.
- When planning a turn let us preview how much movement is going to be used when we are just hovering the ground.
- Please let us select the target of a spell by clicking the portrait.
- Many times if I want all my team members to hide I need to click on them one by one and press C. Please let us hold c to enter and exit stealth with the whole party.
- It makes no sense to me to exit the mind flayer pod at the begging and being armed, we should just pick the stuff off the ground close by or in a corpse.
- If an NPC is wearing/wielding something, drop it upon death. It makes no sense for e.g. killing an armor-wearing, great ax-wielding gnoll for him to drop a bone.
- Companions that are not in the party (i.e. staying in the camp) should not approve/disapprove of anything.
- Weapon ranges: This should be fixed as different weapons have different reaches.
- Creature stats: Examining an NPC should only show stats, weaknesses, etc. if a successful (appropriate) roll e.g. Nature is done or if lore was previously discovered in a book or through dialog.
- Jumping should decrease movement or have a lesser range based on how much you moved
- True 4k resolution UI, main menu + chargen - at the moment it appears just "enlarged"
- Fast Travel: let us click directly on the waypoints on the map
- Sheathed shields should be visible on the back
- Rapiers and other 1H weapons are usually not carried on the back when sheathed, but on your side\
- Torches should not be considered a weapon of any restricted proficiency - currently Mages cannot carry one...
- Be able to make our own notes on the map.
- Separate jump from disengage - jump is part of movement, disengage is an action before movement.
- Allow all hairstyles to be available to either gender please. (That make sense).
- Longbows, shortbows, and crossbows all having the same range doesn't make sense. Longbows and crossbows should have a longer range than shortbows.
- If a spell's only target is 'self' you shouldn't need to cast and then target. Just cast False Life or similar on self by default.
- Have an alignment system where as you progress through the game you develop an alignment. So you start off neutral but throughout the game this will obviously shift. (You could also let you choose your starting alignment but then this would shift over time as well).
- Character models need more love: let us equip backpacks, cloaks, quivers, etc. and make weapons appear as they should.
- Customize armor appearance - mutliple models for the same type armor.
- More different difficulties. everything up to true pnp mode, complete with hunger, thirst and fatigue mechanics.
- The ability to hold or delay an action or turn.
- Sneak attack should be automatic rather than an activated ability for rogues.
- NPCs should talk to the party, not just the initiating player - other party members skill should be available to use for checks
- Casting spells during dialogue should be possible. Spells like Friends, Charm Person, Detect Thoughts, etc.
- Reputation system with groups/factions, towns, overall, etc.
- Dynamic weather.
- More character accents please.
- Track the relative difficulty of quests in the Journal (relative to player level). But instead of showing the "required or recommended level" say something like "more preparation may be needed" or "Overprepared".
- Add books. Many books. Game is empty now, give us some lore & interesting stories to read. (Like actually interesting tales, horror stories, etc that fit this world).
- Morale/emotions - the last 10HP golbin charging at my 4th level group makes no sense. That little runt should run for its life. Only undead and other special states fight to the death without question.
Fear, panic, amok, courage, rage etc should all be included in battle.
- Attack from above - jumping down on an enemy seems a foregone conclusion if we can jump up.
- Combinations - it would be nice if after developing a bond with an NPC that attacks can combine. Push/pull etc.
- Make weapons and armour list who in your party has the proficiency to use it (don't list them if they don't). Use a coloured font for their name or add coloured dot to show the rarity of the item they currently have equipped in that slot.
- Disarming and unlocking chests should be worth it since they cost lockpicks / tools. A trapped and locked chest should not contain just an agate or 10 gold. (I'm looking at you Zentharim hideout), especially not after sneaking past several aggro npc's. Risk / reward kind of thing.
- Dialogue results should not only be a free pass or combat. Maybe the npc will turn you away and not talk to you anymore or extort you for money, something other than combat yes/no.
- More cutscenes. Just short ones are enough. An example is when you enter the blighted village, and goblins are on the rooftops. Imagine just a short cutscene with the party walking in, and an arrow hits before their feet. Maybe a cutscene for every new area or for static encounters. (Make these skippable as well for repeated playthroughs).
- Npcs in later parts of the game.. npcs should have a life, goals and should act according (e.g. leave you, fight between party member, love between party members, comment on your choices and nag about them even later )
- Submissive/dominant romance/relationships. Have the ability to roleplay how YOU/WE would actually want to act in a relationship with our RO/etc. (For exmaple dominant female & submissive male options for romance & vice versa).
- What is waypoints??? There should be some lore/description/quest to use.
- Level wise you should finish the first arc between 5-7, Arc 2 between 7-13, and the final arc between 13-20.
- When reading books/notes/letters from the inventory, don’t close the inventory screen. When reading multiple notes/books/letters in a row it gets really annoying to have to reopen every time. It’s a new window already, why not just have it overlap the inventory screen?
- Add item such as Bag of Holding. This is a magical item that will reduce weight in inventory or be able to keep certain kinds of items (wares, etc.) for ease of access for players. I do not suggest it be given to the player within the first 5 minutes of play, but make it a drop/quest reward (reward for exploring/etc).
- Illithid Powers: Running into another touched NPC you can exploit results in the same line every single time "Symbol Glows, Power courses through you. Authority" etc. This line gets stale very fast. Consider adding more iterations of this line.
-Record the books we've read in the journal or log or something, I don't want to have to fish through my inventory looking for a book I may have forgotten to pick up in the first place. Moreover, it would be nice to sit back and read the books at a convenient time, not when i'm in the middle of completing a quest.

- Vulcan & Direct X 11 optimizations (Tons of more issues on Vulcan than DX11 but still a pretty good amount on DX11).
- Mc facial expressions are VERY unnatural compared to the NPCs. (For some reason the NPCs just naturally react/express/etc better than the Mc).
- Lip-Sync is not working. Every conversation has a 25% chance at least to start with no lip-syncing or at multiple times in a conversation will it cycle between working and not.
- English dialogue options need work. I have been in conversations where I have no idea what one of the choices means because of phrasing/misspellings & more. This forced me to choose an option I understood without actually knowing if that was the option I wanted to actually pick.
- Mc animations during cutscenes need to be worked on a lot. At the very least have either more animations or have the animations in dialogues be timed correctly to fit the mood of what is currently going in and being said. (VERY unnatural feeling & immersion breaking. Mc is by far the worst at this).
- Textures pop in with the environment, character models, and more.
- Audio when switching profiles resets until you move it down or up one notch and hit apply. (This may only be with the music).
- Killed an enemy at the (True Soul Encounter) [The girl] and she stretched across the screen. Funny, but yeah lol.
- During the dialogue the camera position will be blocked by objects, NPCs, and more.
- Main Character is voiced at times (Like when you first set up camp & while traveling the world pondering), but in dialogue, they are completely silent. (Honestly, I prefer a fully voiced character but will deal with it if they are not. An option would be giving people the ability to have a voiced or silent MC).
- You can be in line of sight through walls, above cliffs (Where you SHOULD NOT be able to be hit), and more.
- Sometimes when I end turn it either switches to another person or just straight up ends everyone's turns even when I did not make one for them yet.
- Other than TBM the game never pauses. Please fix.
- When the party members are not engaged in dialogue they suddenly become greek statues and in some cases, you can even see them teleport in and out between camera angle switches.
- During the Nat 20 rolls in combat, most of the time the camera zoom just makes it hard to see.
- Shadowheart when joining right at the end will spawn the "companion" version that follows you, leaving behind the "cutscene" version until you leave well, the cutscene.
- When trying to open the chest that was protected in the lair of the Owlbear? Creature? The first "blast" for attempting to open it did not damage me.
- I threw a bottle of fire (Alchemist Fire?) in the crypt at the beginning of the game and to this day the fire still burns.
- All audio has started desyncing. Don't know why. (Happened after 18+ hour mark). This now never goes away. [EDIT] I tried a separate save and it worked (Aside from the lips sometimes still not working) but the audio lined up. This could either be a bug that you encounter after some event (EX: Backing out of a save, etc) OR after having put a certain amount of time into the game. (Currently at 29.1 hours as of writing this specific bug).
- I have now encountered Gale's "secret reveal step 1 SEVEN times. He has also demanded a magic item EACH time it started speeding the rate I have to get rid of magic items.
- Wyll
(After clearing the Goblin camp & rescuing the Druid)
randomly appeared in my camp & has & still does act like he is & was always there. I NEVER met him at all. He also yelled at me for defeating the goblins without him.
- During the Hag cave dialogue with the man who hears things Gale was cloned twice in the dialogue and once out he was stuck in the dialogue. Once switching to him it threw me out of "map?" and I was forced to reload a previous save.
- In the Underdark (As well as many other places) specifically while fighting the Drauger (I forget how to spell the name my bad. 90% of the time they do not load in until AFTER you reach the dock, while the remaining 10% they are already waiting in ambush.
- The Shadow of Menzoberranzan clips.
- I am 29.1 hours in and it still has not given me the check on the prologue mission Escape the Nautiloid. (-_-)7
- In the Underdark, the Belutte (Hope I spelled that right) will "fall" before it should causing no damage before seconds later actually falling. This encounter also has times where it "freezes" before finally starting up the encounter.
- Enemies sometimes get stuck on "plotting next move/action" pretty frequently causing some encounters to last a long time & others to last an eternity.
- When reloading a save at camp I was forced into combat with Lae'zel. Luckily I was able to knock her out and sleep. Everything was fine after. But with no "autosave timer" that allows you to control the frequency of autosaves I had no manual save but 1 & the last autosave was 4 hours prior. This almost wrecked my entire playthrough.
- The map in the Underdark does not allow me to see the whole thing when zoomed out all the way for some reason. (Plus map quality sucks when zooming in IMO). [EDIT] This also applies to the first map too. Navigating it is not as smooth as it could be.
- Installed Hotfix #2, running vulkan, reloaded from a cold start, and Shield of Faith rendered Shadowheart's equipment invisible. Shimmers in shape with the ability. Resolved with a fresh restart of the game.
- Bookshelf as you go up the stairs in the burning mansion (When clicking on it to loot) causes you to go to another location to pick it up. Same with the button at the tower in the Underdark.
- Quest markers (The Yellow ones) will show in the exact location but on different maps. This makes following them very hard.
- When recruiting the moss creature
it duplicated the image & he did not follow after some time. (Also he/it is very weak for its area).
- Camera wigs out in close places & when moving the camera too close to walls.
- Astarion at some point gained the ability to use his off-hand attack twice instead of once. I'm PRETTY sure this is a bug because when I use a bonus action (Which this does), it uses BOTH off-hand uses of what I believe SHOULD BE only one use.
- Pathfinding needs work. (You & Allies should NOT walk directly through hazards that they CAN SEE).
- Layered clothing will clip through the main chest piece & other pieces of clothing/armor clip as well.
- Eyeballs of MC & NPCs will sometimes be gone or the eyes will clip through the eyelids.
- I got stuck in TBM a TON in game.
- Ethel is nowhere to be found and I can't "Save Mayrina" I have lowered her cage via the control orb but after stepping out of the cage she isn't able to be interacted with. I explored forward to maybe find Ethel and she was nowhere to be seen.
- The Wood Woad and Mud Mephit encounter, a partucularly scary encounter with 2 tanky Wood Woads flanked by Anciant Mud Mephits that endlessly summon Young Mud Mephits is broken. The Mephits never attack they simply flap around, the ancient ones constantly summoning more Young Mud Mephits while the Younglings simply pass their turn after an excruciatingly long wait. This could be exploited for infinite experience. I suggest limiting the ancients summoning ability to 2-3 young mephits.
- The Rescue Baelen quest is easily broken by approaching Baelen and triggering the cutscene while the mushrooms explode in the background leading to a rather explosive cutscene followed by him surviving what seems like a nuclear explosion unharmed. (You can also trigger the explosive reaction and Baelen still may run through it, poison, explosion & all).
- The Ruined Tower in the Underdark has an elevator that when you are on the top floor, and have the special ring highlights an additional button on the elevator. When this button is pressed with a full party and a large pet can sometimes force a party member into the mesh below the elevator, unable to act or move unless another party member raises or lowers the elevator to force the party to another floor.
- After killing ALL the goblins in Blighted Village the quest marker stayed.
- AI sometimes randomly attacked eachother.
- The druids apparently don't mind that you enter their grove by the "back" entrance, without their knowledge or consent.
- When characters does a successful perception roll and detects hidden objects you most of the time have no idea what thy just discovered. Alt key does not highligt it either (see above).
- The "throw" mechanic is currently broken in a fun but abuseable way. You can get behind certain unbreakable walls by placing your character or companion next to the wall and then having another character throw them into the wall. This will actually place the thrown character *inside* the wall and the game doesn't know what to do so it just lets that character walk out of the wall on either side.
- There were multiple encounters I had were I could range attack enemies or use throwable like "Grease Bottle" or grenades and the enemies did not react in anyway, I even was able to kill half of the Underdark creatures in that cave. (Forgot their name but I am sure you know. They have little shrine).
- side the Dank Crypt, all the way in the back are objects you can interact with through walls.
- Turn order doesn't always get respected during combat (this happened to me during the fight in the dank crypt)
- In the cutscene when opening the sarcophagus in the Dank Crypt, my dwarf appears to be pushing the whole sarcophagus instead of the lid at some point.
- When jumping to certain heights, Shadowheart's ponytail got stuck at some point resulting in a terrible tearing where her ponytail suddenly grew by 5 meters. It reset itself at the end of the jump animation, though.
- The icon for a bloodstone looks more like a rat's tail.
- Splitting items in the trade screen doesn't work, I tried splitting 3 Rope, in a pile of 2 and 1, I end up with 3 every time.
- In The Hollow I attacked some random NPC's and most of them turned agressive, but when it was their turn to act in combat, nobody did anything.
- After switching a character during exploration, I have to recenter the camera on that character.
- Sometimes when NPC's die and the animation can't put them on flat land the model really bugs out on how it lands in a very distorted way.
- Most conversations start with characters not moving their mouths.
- Camera sometimes gets stuck on terrain.
- Save games sometimes take a lot longer to load.
- When first leaving the nautiloid ship the crash cutscene sometimes doesn't trigger.
- Enemies ignore prone status.
- Enemies sometimes ignore sleeping status.
- Race tags listed twice on character sheets. (companions too)
- Several Drow (Lolth-Sworn) dialogue options are showing the tags blank [ ]
- Battlemaster maneuvers doesn't spend superiority dice.
- Some enemies engaged in conversation can be repeatedly attacked by the party.
- Goblin's Wardrums work after being destroyed
- Bird in Nettie's room disappears into the ground when interacted.
- When using two Warlocks Hex don't stack or benefit each others attacks, and when a second hex is cast the first warlock can't reapply.
- When speaking to the Hag there is [Human] option even though I was a Drow.
- The Hag's true form was beside her during the conversation.
- The Hag's deal doesn't change your eye.
- The Hag's masks can simply be sent to camp to dispel.
- Hag didn't attack the party.
- The Arcane barrier behind the Hag's hut looks like missing textures.
- Darkvision spell doesn't work
- Familiar stops following the party for no reason.
- Familiar action bar sometimes appears grouped with the party even after dying.
- Imp Familiar doesn't have darkvision.
- Spider Familiar doesn't have darkvision.
- After persuading the Hobgoblin leader he gets stuck in a animation loop while sitting on his throne. (pretty funny tbh)
- Goblins on the Goblin Camp entrance remain friendly after killing their leaders.
- Minotaur corpse keeps standing with arms open.
- Spectator's Charm remains on the Drow even after the monster dies.
- Drow who were petrified attack the party even though they aren't hostile.
- Drow who aren't charmed during the fight attack the party instead of the Spectator.
- Backpack in Myconid's vault room can't be interacted.
- Picking up a Sussur Bark doesn't update quest.
- Sussur Bark map marker keeps following the character.
- Sussur Bark map marker stays on the melting furnace after forging the weapon.
- Can't combine Sickle with the Sussur infused melting furnace.
- Druid Halsin keeps shouting "You deserve to be banished" at camp.
- If Kagha is killed at camp scene her body appears on the Druid Cove.
- Asking Shadowheart about her Shar worship can roll persuasion checks every time to max her approval.
- Dialogue option asking Shadowheart about the druid grove is listed twice.
- Shadowheart keeps asking to search for Halsin after he is already at the camp.
- During Volo's experimental treatment the character is floating beside the table.
- Sometimes tadpole FX stays on the character's head for the entire dialogue.
- Scratch sometimes don't appear in camp.
- During quest "Free the artist" if you refuse to help him the dialogue get stuck in a loop, Wyll disapproves every time and you can' t go back to the other options.
- Find the Githyanki Crèche quest doesn't update after encounter with the patrol.
- Left house in Waukeen's Rest can't be entered despite having no door.
- If you knock out the tieflings at Lae'zel first encounter they die after talking to her.
- Using a healing spell on the Mind Flayer at the crash site kills him.
- During the Raid quest the Goblins don't join the party in attacking the druids.
- During the Raid quest if the party attack the druids from outside the grove they stand there doing nothing.
- In the Blighted Village, when with Wyll and the goblin boss, after will questions the goblin he asked me to kill the goblin, and after I did he acted upset when I next spoke to him, like I killed the goblin boss prematurely, when I hadn't.
- While running Vulcan and finishing the ship prologue 1) It skipped the cutscene that showed the actual crash 2) everything in the world except the terrain was either invisible/didn't load in or couldn't be interacted with.
- When talking to the "witch" the dialogue auto skipped making it impossible to read or hear what she said.
- Action surge has on occasion failed to actually provide me with an extra action.
- There has been occasion where I have not been able to end a character's turn, and it's not been clear as to why, even after checking other characters.
- When a role to detect a trap etc *is successful* the party should auto stop. -Walked into a few detected traps.
- Game taking sometimes up to 4 seconds to open a loot container.
- Game taking much time to load in objects and textures after a rather long loading screen.
- Great Weapon Fighting not working.
- Mobile feat not working.
- Charm Spells not working.
- Repelling Blast invocation doesn't trigger fall damage.
- Repelling Blast invocation can't be toggled off.
- Silence spells not working.
- Concentration spells sometimes break when changing areas. (Familiar, Mage hand, etc.)
- Battlemaster Rally maneuver not working.
- Shot the owl bear first and was somehow surprised.
- Currently, the off-hand attack bonus (proficiency and stat mod) isn't being applied.
- Minthara romance scene has several clippings.
- Ranger applies Colossus Slayer's passiv on full hit point units (it's not suppose to).
- Hit an ennmy with Hunter's mark doesn't apply Colossus Slayer, despite he's no full hp.
- The combat with skeletons in the Dank Crypt forced me to close the game and restart it. During the combat the skeleton got stuck on it's turn and didn't/couldn't move.

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Joined: Oct 2020

- Don't focus too much on origin characters being playable. D&D for me is about making my own characters and not playing the ones someone else came up with. I would rather see Larian investing that time in having more customized reactions to my character.
- I would like to move/scroll the map with my mouse cursor.
- It would be nice to let us choose our own starting equipment (having some different sets or "select 5 of 10").
- The combat in level one after crashing the nautilus feels weird. My characters can get one-hitted too easily. Either let us be level 2 after the crash right away or work on balancing for a bit.

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I'm hoping to have this list grow through my own experience, but also hope to add the list of bugs/problematic encounters you all have encountered as well. (The suggestions will remain as my own unless something you share is something I also like).

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Fix needed: Enemies don't currently need Line of Sight for their Saving Throw spells (such as Sacred Flame). They'll happily cast those at huge distances and through walls.

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Bug: Just installed Hotfix #2, running vulkan, reloaded from a cold start, and Shield of Faith rendered Shadowheart's equipment invisible. Shimmers in shape with the ability. Resolved with a fresh restart of the game.

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Update #3 done.

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I wish I'd spotted this before doing my list! I could've just pinned yours instead. I'll make a note to ensure your list is included next time I update it and will probably add a link.

That's also a great idea to start on a list of suggestions of things for players to try out.

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I was just going to say we can pool ours together if you want? I am trying to make the biggest & most comprehensive Bug list/ feedback for the devs to go to. Like a one stop shop for everyone. Feel free to also grab from my own as I continue to add to this.

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I'm just glad to see people checking this out and I hope to have it continue to grow!

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Hi there!

First of all thanks for this post , i hope it stays on top of the list smile

Here are some feedbacks from my early playthrough:

-Maybe add a scroll up/down with the scroll wheel for the quest window? (not just the mouse over bar on the left).

-For the dialogues window maybe add also the dialogues between npcs during exploration phases. (to prevent missing informations).

-Of course better definition and navigation on the map but i think it's already mentioned.

-Maybe add a "A trap", "Another trap" phrase when discovering traps , instead of "there's something here" (i don't remember exactly^^)
traps are sometimes not quite visible (too bad after winning a perception dice^^).I don't mention where to not spoil everyone.

That's it for now thanks!

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Thank you! And I already added one of yours!!

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I love the list.

I would add, allow us to look up with the camera *facepalm* I'm starting to get used to the weird camera movement and such with the W,A,S,D viewing and double click portrait to re-center, but I don't know how many times I accidentally walked off in some strange direction instead of being able to move a couple of feet in front of the toon(s) when the camera was tilted strangely.

Happy hunting.

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Thank you! And noted!

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May I suggest adding a needed fix for camera placing and aligning? All too often, when I move the camera across the map or battlefield, it gets stuck within the terrain, under the ground or does some weird things that totally obscures the view. This is especially true, for vertical changes.

For example: tried to move the camera during a fight to a higher location to target an enemy and it got completely out of control, getting me stuck inside the rocks, instead of above them.

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I added it!! YAY

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" I am 29.1 hours in and it still has not given me the check on the prologue mission Escape the Nautiloid."
I have a similar problem with the quest to explore that old ruined church(?) at the start, right next to Shadowheart. It's ticked off in my journal but the orange quest marker is still there on the map as if I hadn't completed it yet. It's a bit confusing because I'm not sure if the map marker is correct and there's still something I need to do and it's the journal that's wrong, or if the journal is correct and I've done all I can there but the map is incorrect. I think it might be linked to who you speak to in there, and how you're meant to meet him again later? So the quest is both complete (you spoke to him) and kind of incomplete because there's more to say to him later in the game.

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I encountered more similar issues as well!

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Had an issue with Ethel incorrectly identifying my character, presumably referring to Gale. Elf female wizard being identified as a Human male wizard.
Image link with spoilers:

I did not complete the deal with Ethel, but going back to sneak attack one of the goblins in the town results in Ethel going hostile in my log. I stole some items from her hut with Astarion sneaking around inside.

Edit 3: Any combat, anywhere, appears to trigger this.

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Hey! I like your idea for this topic. smile
I'd love to participate in your list, so please let me know if you'd like me to copy paste and quote my topic (I created it to gather my gameplay experiences) or just share the link.

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It's pretty pathetic that companies release games with SO MANY problems, and then simply justify it with the bull$*it statement that it's "Early Access." And nonetheless at the fu price of $60. The only saving grace Marian has here is the fact that they're known for making DOS 1&2, which were incredible. And so I'm confident the majority of the issues in baldurs gate 3 will be fixed. It's still rather insulting, however, to have such an unpolished product released at full price.

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