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#678626 07/10/20 01:15 PM
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Before I begin I realize this isnt the DOS series but I think most of us at least expected somewhat of a similar game....

1) Tutorial
First of all this being quite different from DOS:2 should have a more in depth tutorial - maybe the full game will
I for one not being a D&D player but a fan of the DOS series am relatively confused.

Am I losing anything by taking the long rest?
-it seems like you can only short rest once until you need to long rest again and that your spells don't recharge on a short rest.
- do quests progress, does the tadpole do things?

Dice rolls for everything including damage. I've begun to understand it now but you coulda summed it up in two-three sentences.

2) Loss of customization
Very limiting with the points and what you can do with them but this is D&D i guess.

3) Action points
I know this deviates from D&D but I feel very limited in what I can do with a turn now. Although I dont hate it, it makes your decisions more punishing

4) Combat
Some of the actions you can perform in combat are questionable, possibly unintended?
-can disengage by jumping away, and wont be hit by attack of opportunity (jumping should only be used to get places and doesnt really have a place in combat).
-first it doesnt make sense that you jump 6m
-can't really gain vertical ground by jumping anyways for positioning (game says Can't jump that high))

-free hide action at the end of every turn?
-first of all the fact that its free is questionable
-then the fact that you get it every turn is broken.

Some of the new actions are really cool, shove and dip being my favorites. (flexibility = fun)
However, these should still cost something, perhaps 1-2 action points

6) Spells
early spells feel weak seeing as they need re-charging (maybe they will pay off more later)

Another thing about the spells. Knowing them when you level up ruins part of the immersion/excitement for me.
I enjoy exploring and coming across new spells in my adventures gives me a sense of progession even if nothing really happened.
Sure, your average spells such as fire-bolt can be learned from a tome bought at a merchant but, really powerful ancient spells should be earned right?

7) The UI

First Give me separate action bars. One for abilities and another for consumables or dont let the consumables auto-fill the bar.
-also please let me change the size of the action bar (and maybe only make it full size in combat). I can already tell this game will
have a lot of spells/scrolls/items etc. I don't want to be constantly scrolling thru my action bars.
for example. my action bar is almost already full on a lv 4 shadowheart.

Also is is possible to differentiate free actions and normal actions on the hot bar somehow?
-for example, a orange triangle in the corner for free action abilities, and a green circle for action abilities

Spells cannot be targeted by click on a team-mates character panel

8) The camera

Goes whenever it wants - even through locked doors. Cant open that door no worries I'll just scroll my camera through the wall to check if its important........
Think theres a secret wall? Just scroll your camera through the wall and find out!
Also, personally it breaks immersion when a symbol pops up over your after failing a perception check, how do I know this is there in the first place?

Anyways rant over for now.
I realize that this may but hurt some of the die hard D&D fans out there, but once again as a person who hasnt played any D&D these are my concerns going forward.
If you feel I'm way off base somewhere lets hear it. Like I said at the beginning I loved the DOS series and just trying to get the best feedback out there for the larian team.

Cheers .

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Bray Offline OP
OP Offline
Joined: Oct 2020
I will also try and add feedback/Issues I see in other posts

1) no party formation option
-for battle
-also seems that some dialogues pick the closest character to the NPC, this is annoying
2) too many forced dice rolls (at least make it automated, unless a reroll is possible)

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Joined: Oct 2020
Joined: Oct 2020
Ouch, I've seen this happen before.

Look it sucks but DnD will never be DOS. Larian made a choice going with this license and they are sticking pretty closely to it. I suspect some customization will open up as early access drags on but they will never get close to DOS. Why do I say that with such confidence? Again it's the license, there is a horde of die hard DnD lovers that are beyond excited about the ruleset being adapted well in this game. Personally I'm lucky, I enjoy both DOS and DnD/Pathfinder based systems. There are things to enjoy in both worlds.

I recommend reading up on DnD, there is some flexibility in the system for multiclassing etc but again whatever happens through early access it's never gonna become DOS.

I agree with the rest of the comments and hope they make those improvements.

Joined: Jun 2020
Joined: Jun 2020
Dude, DOS 3 will come too. Just take a diferent perspective. When u finish the chapter, try to explore a DnD or Pathfinder game, so you can learn the ways that they are fun and great just like DOS. I recomment right now Pathfinder Kingmaker, specially. It is based on Pathfinder, which is almost the same system as DnD 3.5, the father of DnD 5.0.

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