Trying to keep track of all my bugs in a text file. Here's the things I've found which are just flat out bugs/implemented incorrectly.

1. Wizards can learn all spells. You can copy Cleric spell scrolls as a Wizard.
2. Find Familiar is supposed to be a ritual and not use a spell slot.
3. Lockpicking rolls do not show up in the chat window.
4. Criminal Background is supposed to give proficiency with lockpicks (Sleight of Hand in this game). That should be 3 prof total instead it's 2.
5. Inside the map becomes zoomed in and can not zoom out.
6. Spells which give temporary HP are very buggy. They do not work most of the time. I suspect the game thinks you already have the buff and refuses to reapply it even after you've lost the HP.
7. Magic missile pathing can uncontrollably hit obstacles and miss.
8. Charm spell causes combat even though it's supposed to give advantages on non combat interactions.
9. Fire on the ground is supposed to give a saving throw for null damage.
10. Fire on the ground is supposed to only damage you if you end your turn in it.
11. Fire on the ground is not supposed to set you on fire. Even if it does you can use an action to remove it with a dex save.
12. Disengage/Hide are actions and not bonus actions. They only become bonus actions with the core Rogue feature Cunning Action at level 2.
13. Jump height appears to be out of control. Players are super jumping like the Hulk.
14. Cantrips are applying surfaces/dots/etc. Obviously intended but still very wrong and just incorrect. Mistaken. Erroneous. Delinquent. Unlawful. Chaotic Evil. Minsc and Boo will kick your evil butt if this continues.